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A real look at webinars and forex training.

A real look at webinars and forex training. Dwain Ross ★★★★★

A real look at webinars and forex training.

Since trading began to develop actively, too many different teachers have appeared. And what is typical, even those who, to put it mildly, do not understand trading, try to teach people. But it is not only that such a teacher does not know how to trade, he also requires money for it. There is another kind of teacher. These are the ones who leaked a few deposits, and then realized that it is quite profitable to breed others, as inexperienced as they are. All the more reason to gather a solid audience in a short time. From the point of view of experienced traders, such lessons are nothing but an attempt of a failed trader to prove in theory the profitability of his own trading system. Then people are shown a detailed report that has nothing to do with their trading. Most often, the trading statistics is removed from PAMM-accounts, choosing the curve line directed strictly upwards. And under the detailed report is shown the amount to be paid for valuable information. But what is surprising is that our teacher could not even earn $1,000 in the market. But his rate is $500. And what if 10 people contributed that amount. So tell me why risk your own money, if you can just say a couple of beautiful words and show beautiful (foreign) statistics, and earn a few thousand dollars. In a conversation with traders, often mentioned the fact that all these trainings are nothing but a divorce of novice traders for money. You don't need much for that: just to memorize the general position of the market, and only from a theoretical point of view. But let's consider in reality such trainings and webinars. For example, the audience, which consists of 20-30 people. On the pedestal rises proud of the trade profits, teacher. His voice is heard in the audience, and he tells quite ordinary things. But to turn these ordinary things into unusual things, for everyone to see the incomprehensible trading system (alien development). And from now on, all beginners receive valuable information about trading. And what is interesting is that all the moments of entering or leaving the market are shown on the history. And on the history, as you know, everything is always smooth. That is, they have entered the market here, left it, and recorded a large profit. As a fee, the teacher provides a partner link, which should be used by all traders in the audience. Let's say, they have registered. They have replenished their deposits with round sums. Real trading started on the trading system presented at the lesson. Naturally, everyone is merged. You can get an equally simple answer to the simple question why the trading system does not bring profit. You are to blame, because you entered or left too early. We need to analyze our mistakes. Thus, it is the traders themselves who are to blame. But these mistakes will not affect the teacher in any way. After all, he has already received a partner bonus for replenishing deposits.

I want to give you some advice on webinars and classes. Pay attention to the webinar. Any serious webinar is very expensive. If it requires a small amount of money, then the ultimate goal of the host is to withdraw money in change. I want to explain why a competent webinar costs a lot of money. First of all, a trading system was developed. And this case is not a quick one. On top of that, testing. And the nerves are in the trade, too.

And in the end, how to test our host. If he shows only one time period, you can ask him to show real trading on another trading period. Any period should be involved. But if his trade starts to go down, it means he is a trader. And his trading system is not worth anything. But you should remember that such teachers try only to get money.

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