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AssetShots reviews new broker on Forex - what do we know about it

AssetShot reviews broker | review site Dwain Ross ★★★★★

AssetShot  broker

AssetShot  scam is younger than many brokers in the EU but has already established itself in the brokerage services market. It has been operating since 2020.

Location - St Vincent Bank LTD Building, James Street, Kingstown, P.O. Box 1574, VC0100, St Vincent and the Grenadines

Regulation and control - Local regulator.

Traders' feedback on the registration and regulation of the broker in terms of reliability

The registration of the company, as well as the control, aroused encouraging comments from traders. In their opinion, this is a confirmation of the company's reliability and a guarantee -  AssetShots scam department stands for clear trading policy.

Some traders see verification as too complicated. But broker needs to provide it for security issues. All new traders after registration need to pass verification. 

To prevent scam, money laundering, financial fraud, and terrorist activity Know Your Customer (KYC) policies have become increasingly important in recent years all over the globe, especially among banks and other financial institutions.

AssetShot has a zero-tolerance policy for fraud and is taking every precaution possible to avoid it. Any illegal activity will be registered, and all accounts associated with it will be closed immediately.

When you deposit, the broker will require the following documents:

Paul Simons, Stockholm, sales manager, 40

I have been working with a broker for more than six months. I am very satisfied. During this time, I learned a lot for myself, became a professional in the field of trading and started making good money. I do not understand those who are afraid to test themselves in this area. It was really difficult at first, but then I managed to reach an excellent level. Provided excellent trading conditions. Verification is rather hard but I know it is for my safety. Thanks to the company. I'm glad.

Trading conditions offered by the broker

Compared to the set of accounts that brokers usually offer for the EU, the terms of cooperation from the company may seem standard in terms of choice. It provides four options for a trading account. Nevertheless, the differences in them show the different level of traders - they are based on different leverage and a shift in the lots/spread service fee.






Minimal deposit


$2 000

$10 000

$50 000







2.8 pips

2.5 pips

1.5 pips

0,1 pips

Expert Advisors:






MetaTrader4 Terminal         

MetaTrader4 Mobile             

MetaTrader4 Web

MetaTrader4 Terminal          

MetaTrader4 Mobile            

MetaTrader4 Web

MetaTrader4 Terminal        

MetaTrader4 Mobile            

MetaTrader4 Web

MetaTrader4 Terminal          

MetaTrader4 Mobile             

MetaTrader4 Web Reviews of traders about the trading conditions of the company

For a different leverage traders can run any trading strategy of their choice. scam avoiding procedures ensure safety of all the trading orders.

Francesca Miles, Dublin, teacher, 35

The trading terminal works great. By the way, right there on the official website, there is also a trading terminal web interface, as well as a variety of terminals for smartphones, tablets, and Windows and IOS operating systems. Trading conditions are the best, real spreads and quotes, no hidden fees. A large number of trading instruments. It is very convenient.

Customer support

The company’s range of services for customers has a lot of useful points aimed at providing the professional trader with information and his professional growth. It includes:

Feedback from traders on customer service

General level of service and customer information support.

Martin Howdey, Madrid, 25, law student

 I am new to the market, and it was important for me to find a worthy broker not only to make money on the stock exchange, but also to gain knowledge of trading. Right there on the broker's official website, I found a lot of information and training programs for novice traders and got acquainted with the trading conditions, spreads, and the trading terminal. Service support works at the highest level, at any time they are ready to answer any question.

Deposit funds and payments

The choice of methods for sending and receiving payments that the company offers to traders is usual to what brokers for EU are implementing. But at the same time, it pays maximum attention to the reliability and protection of its customers from scam. Therefore, funds can be withdrawn from a client account only to the same bank details from which payments were received.

Following options can be used bot for depositing and withdrawal:

Feedback from traders regarding deposit and withdrawal of funds

For full and timely payment of money.

Tim Clayton, Amsterdam, 30, bartender

A good broker, trading conditions meet my requirements, real spreads, by the way, spreads on instruments can be found right there on the official website. No delays or restrictions on the withdrawn amounts. All deposits and withdrawals were made on time. 

Comments (20)
user_avatarJames Christian 15.06.2021

Last year I completed an online training based on one popular broker. After that, I visited a couple of additional master classes, I had a strong desire to become a millionaire just tomorrow)))) I registered with different companies, as advised, I looked for my strategy, tried different approaches, consulted with specialists. By the way, I lost a considerable amount of experiments while I was gaining experience. As for the new names, I was really impressed by AssetShot broker’s support. I opened here at a minimum tariff account for $ 250. There is no choice of terminals, only MetaTrader 4 works. But this is a good system, both flexible and stable. No demo, macro, tournaments and webinars. The order execution is very fast, speed is not critical crouches during volatility. Fixed spreads, real deals, 1: 300 leverage, 24-hour technical support.

user_avatarCannon Mark 25.06.2021

As I know, AssetShot broker entered the market last winter. And still not so widely known. But there have already been more reviews on the Internet, compared to the summer. I liked the trading conditions and the ability to work with the MetaTrader 4 platform. After opening an account, I immediately deposited three hundred dollars. Technical support consulted me about the terminal and explained some points about which there was no info on the site. For example, verification must take place before the first withdrawal. This greatly simplifies the start of work and does not scare away the newcomers who are always confused in everything. Judging by the clarity of the answers, I assume that managers themselves are practicing traders )) The system works stably, without crashes. Five points for analytics. No doubt broker is not a scam and certainly not a kitchen. I trade a couple of euros / dollars, and in general, the broker offers about 50 currency pairs. Three times I withdrew funds to the webmoney and card. Its commission is not taken. The entire output procedure takes an hour or two each time. The site has no entertainment items. Probably it would be worthwhile to attract more employees. It is impossible to get through technical support from the first time.

user_avatarHenry Christopher 27.06.2021

At first, I did not understand the differences between brokers, everyone seemed to me look the same. With experience, I learned to see the speed of execution when opening / closing transactions, lags, intentional errors and system bugs. With one broker, I pierced with the stupid analytics, the other one constantly overstated quotes. By trial and error, I went to a young broker AssetShot. What are the obvious advantages. Profitable successful analytics, knowledgeable support, optimized trading process. The ordering is fast, the system works well, without failures and sags. Standard tools, but quite sufficient for quality work. Static spreads, there is no broker commission for replenishment and withdrawal, quotations coincide with market indicators. Broker provides customers with four tariff packages. Even a novice can open an account at a basic level, the input threshold is $ 250. There are about 50 key currency pairs and a large selection of traded positions.

user_avatarCarroll Ralph 01.07.2021

Came to open an account with AssetShot broker three months ago becouse of friendly program and for the company. However, I am not a trader at all, rather an observer. I have no experience. For the time being I just sit and watch how trade bots work for me. A friend helps, I consult with support, and I myself develop. Consultants are very patient and polite by the way))) I have my personal manager here. He helps to get rid of the feeling of constant panic, and saved a couple of times from large money draining. I can tell you a little about trading conditions from what I've already figured out. The broker does not rush to fill the site with entertaining content, there are no macro and demo accounts, training videos. For me, this is a minus. And in the pros of static spreads, you can build a strategy and work quietly, there is a large selection of items of trade, high speed of execution and a reliable system.

user_avatarSutton Leon 13.07.2021

A few months ago, I chose a new broker and stopped at AssetShot, and have not regretted it yet. Fast withdrawals, transparent conditions do not change at the whim of the company. All initially stated rules are respected. I have no doubts about decency of the broker and the technical support staff. Managers work with full dedication, competently answer all questions and behave tactfully and respectfully. Each client has a pesonal manager. Sometimes you have to ask for help, but more often I cope myself. High speed, successful scalping, not frequent requotes and slippage, there were no disconnects. I prefer automation, especially in stormy periods, and trade with bots. The broker works only with real transactions, no demo accounts. For me, this is just an additional advantage. There is an opinion that demos most often are used by kitchens. Also here are static spreads. One big drawback is few opportunities to communicate with support and it is not always possible to get through the first time. Hopefully, over time, online support chat will appear on the site.

user_avatarPowers Preston 02.08.2021

When it just started working on Assetshot, the company chose randomly. This company turned out to be Assetshot. But now I see that I was lucky, everyone is pleased. If it will also take to trade, it will be just a fairy tale! :)

user_avatarStevenson Terence 18.08.2021

Alexander, so it does not happen in one DC, not the fact that with FC. All takiAssetshotRexted firm, monitor the reputation and pay millpic amounts to traders.

user_avatarBarber Giles 19.08.2021

I once passed in my distance learning. The best impressions. Simple, clearly, intelligibly, online support for experienced teachers, respond to all questions clearly and understandable. Much more efficient than to look for some materials on the network.

user_avatarCross Asher 22.08.2021

Recently, in Assetshot, I like the rapid execution: Click - opened, click - closed. No delays. Everyone so.

user_avatarGregory Joseph 23.08.2021

I agree about the advisers. Of course, the benefit from them is quite a lot, but before you learn this benefit to extract, many works have to attach and have a bunch of experience gain.

user_avatarJackson Erik 07.09.2021

Trade in assetshot was my first experience in the trade world and was quite good. I mean, I have some money, experience, what can you expect from a first attempt? I do not know if I will continue my cooperation with you, as I think of this to try out other trading terminals as MetaTrader 4. We will see.

user_avatarGriffin David 08.09.2021

I worked for 3 months with assetshot and can say that I was not a bit disappointed. They bring me a profitability of about 25% at my first investment and that's really good if they ask me.

user_avatarSkinner Christopher 09.09.2021

The stock market is basically a huge auction with lightning fast deals. The question of success and failure is therefore basically a question of cooperation with brokers with sufficient agility and mind. assetshot is probably one of the better ones.

user_avatarMarshall Edward 10.09.2021

You have to know how to manage your money and how to minimize the risk. This broker is fine, but I lost for three years while looking for a solid company I can work with.

user_avatarMcKinney Barnard 17.09.2021

I have never heard of assetshot and will soon be researching soon: I would like to connect your dealers. I have no preferences when it comes to broker, so I would be very grateful for any information you can share.

user_avatarBaker Christopher 02.10.2021

I think this broker would be perfect for traders who are used to working "slowly but safe". My goal was to build a good startup investment capital with the trade, and these people helped me achieve this goal. That was really nice

user_avatarFowler Melvin 04.10.2021

Let me say the following: You would have difficulty finding a better broker for beginners than this. Believe me, these guys are made of solid gold. All you have to do is win as a partner.

user_avatarSims Richard 06.10.2021

I do not understand why someone should not like this broker. Maybe you do not like money? That would be the only logical solution for this puzzle. With this company you can make a fortune.

user_avatarTerry Maximillian 16.10.2021

This company can be your guru if you are on the way to conquering the marketing market in no time. I think it's great how efficient you work.

user_avatarHoward Ronald 24.10.2021

My collaboration with this broker was pure joy. My monthly gains have risen significantly since we have become partners. Good timing also with all the Covid thing.