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Binary options motion bets

Binary options motion bets Dwain Ross ★★★★★

Binary options motion bets

Rapidly gaining popularity as a way to make money online binary options, now presented as a wonderful and authentic trading tool.

Often there are materials that talk about the ease, profitability and efficiency of the reception in terms of regular income. But is it true?

What do participants actually use in trading, and what myths have wrapped up binary options. We decided to deal with these questions in the current publication. Traders deal with real binary contracts...

This is probably the most popular misconception of consumers! In the online environment, binary options appeared almost along with a legal stock exchange instrument that was listed on the Chicago Options Exchange.

In fact, binary options appeared as a regulated investment resource in 2008. Immediately since then, Chicago Option Exchange traders have been able to use this type of contracts for trading.

And what appeared online? Everything is easy the companies that carried out such activities as "Hambling", in other words, provided online services in the gambling sector, immediately evaluated the technical capabilities and financial potential of the resource, and decided to offer future players a specific solution, which gives an opportunity to make money on the fluctuations of the financial trend. At the same time, they were completely silent about the legality of online binary options and their real regulation from the side of the state supervisory authorities.

Thus, a new format of trading in financial markets was formed in the Internet through a specialized method of obtaining benefits, which has an official cover the regulated type of transactions of the Chicago Stock Exchange.

But if we analyze the technical and legal parameters of contracts offered by online companies, it becomes clear that online binary options with real contracts of this type have almost nothing in common! In principle, it is a gaming bet (totalizator), where the condition for the acquisition of the result is considered a correct forecast of market changes in a particular time interval.

Trading on the platform from a broker, we do not acquire anything, do not conclude contracts, and just bet! Besides, it is an unambiguous misconception that companies bring trading deals to the real market!

This is absolutely not true, in principle, operators of binary options are not brokers, but ordinary dealing centers that offer to conduct operations in a small circle of traders of the company. In other words, when you open "options", you do not go against the market and millions of traders all over the world, but try to beat the company's partners like yourself!

Knowing such facts and preconditions, should binary options be treated as cheating? Definitely, there is a part of fraud here, but only at the moment of positioning of the instrument.

Yes, it is not trading or financial speculation on the currency market, but it is possible to get profit here! Binary options turned out to be mostly a victim of marketers, who, trying to quickly advertise the sphere of this activity, deceived users from the very beginning.

Now, thanks to the prevalence of the phenomenon, binary options are becoming a legal tool and acceptance of online trading. This is supported by the active attention to the product of financial supervisors of developed countries.

Thus, various regulators began to license online platforms and noted binary options of this format as an official trading resource. But online options are still a game, not a full trading on the real market!

Binary Options is a divorce!

This opinion a couple of years ago was not some myth, but very real and logical pattern! Due to the tool's youth, its technical features, as well as weak financial literacy of users in this business, binary options were exploited by a large mass of operators as a way to deceive consumers.

In the early stages of binary options appearance, there were often situations when brokers were banal disappearing with the capital of traders, using various technical methods of deception from fraudulent with trend charts to the installation of untruthful and almost unrealistic conditions of profit monetization.

But now everything has changed radically! Most small companies simply left the market without withstanding the difficult competition and aggressive response of deceived investors. At the same time, system operators and companies that wanted a relatively legal job on the market turned into licensed platforms, and began offering more professional services and conditions for working on the options market. Therefore, nowadays, binary options are considered to be a relatively safe way of earning with the condition of working with reliable and licensed companies.

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