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How to become a partner of Charing Cross Group: trading and referral programs reviews of traders | Charing Cross Group scam? Dwain Ross ★★★★★

Forex broker offers favorable conditions for trading, and also rewards its clients for participating in referral programs.
In this article, we will consider options for cooperation with the company.

Is scam?

For the EU the broker is relatively new – it started working with Europe only about a year ago. However, this is enough time for some scam to blow away. However, Charing Cross Group scam avoiding activities show that company works on quite average market conditions. did not run a massive advertising campaign, showing that quality of services is more important for them than quantity of accounts.
As a British company with a respectable age of a team - as many as eleven years in Forex – Charing Cross Group has used all its already impressive experience to work with more than 10 thousand of investors.

The company is registered in London, on the street of banks and office centers. The location of the Charing Cross Group office is a business center in Bishopsgate.

We also see the contact phone numbers of the organization. Charing Cross Group reviews show that support service is active and reacts fast.
Registration in London is a big plus to the company's reputation, which does not try to hide behind the vague laws of offshore zones. We must say that in matters of compliance with the law, this broker is very harsh: among other things, it makes quite European requirements for clients. Those who are used to trading almost anonymously will not be able to use the services of the service: they will require verification in accordance with all the rules. On the other hand, customers can be sure that with this approach of Charing Cross Group scam will not be able to get into the auction.

С reviews

The Charing Cross Group website provides comprehensive information about the company, its services and affiliate programs. What we would advise you to pay attention to:
Platform. This section contains the trading platform. It can be downloaded to a computer or smartphone (for the QR code to download the application, look at the bottom of the "Trading Platform" page).
Information. Here you can find complete information about the ratification of the AML and KYC standards by the company, according to which each trader must be verified. In the same section there is a user agreement and privacy policy. scam preventing department informs the clients that all of those documents are mandatory for cooperation with the platform, so it’s better to read them all before registration.
Analytics section. For traders, the company has posted a calendar of market forecasts. To get a forecast, you need to select a region (country) and the desired category, which, according to experts, will affect the course. For example, inflation, confidence index, central bank policy, holidays, political events, etc.
Training. This is a tab describing the basic principles of analysis that the company uses. The broker conducts true training in trading for any beginner, according to chosen account and investment portfolio type.

charingcrossgroup reviews

How to become a client? reviews

First you need to register on the website, where you should provide real data about the country of residence, date of birth, name. You must also provide a valid phone number. If the user deliberately conceals information or gives false information about himself, he may not be allowed to trade.
You should not be afraid of phishing and other abuse of the provided personal data, since the resource supports the SSL encryption protocol and protects all the data internally.

To start trading, you also need to go through the mentioned verification:
Provide screenshots of the documents required by the company's security service (passport, receipt of any invoice for services at the place of residence, bank statement);
Send your photo (sometimes with a passport in hand).

Account types

The company tried to reach the audience of clients from the EU, paying attention both to those who are just starting to trade and to experienced investors with solid contributions and expectations.
There are five options for cooperation, with a leverage of 1 to 100 for all types of accounts.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds: reviews

This company has no problems with withdrawing money, except for standard situations for the industry (delays on the part of the receiving bank, processing a request in a queue, etc.).
To withdraw money, you can use the following options:
•    Transfer through payment systems Skrill, Neteller;
•    Transfer to a card of any bank (Visa or Mastercard);
•    Electronic wallet transaction.

Most of the withdrawal reviews are in English. Over the years of work in the EU, the broker has grown its reputation as a reliable company. Payments are made at the request of the client.
We have not found any complaints that scam or is in any way deceiving its investors.
What we actually did find is the reminder that says: a request for withdrawal of money must be submitted on weekdays, when the company's staff works around the clock. Saturday, Sunday and public holidays are days off. You can submit a request, but the answer will be on the first working day. And that explains a lot of Charing Cross Group reviews online.

Customer service

The most complete information about the service can be obtained from the managers of the company, but it is also worth reading the basic documents that govern all processes:
Trade. Open the "Order Execution Policy". The document describes all the details of providing recommendations, available orders, etc.

Duties of the parties. Read the User Agreement.

Security. Firstly, this is the Privacy Policy, but also the aforementioned section "Information", which details the conditions for storing customer data.

Leverage. The company gives a "Risk Disclosure", which describes in great detail the conditions for using leverage, recommendations are given on how not to lose money as a result of connecting this market instrument.

As for the immediate real opinions of traders, the Charing Cross Group reviews are quite positive. Most of the traders are satisfied. They speak especially positively about:

Withdrawing money. There are no problems with it, and all the delays (even for technical or banking reasons) are usually eliminated within a day.

Strategies. Praised by the company's managers and analysts for bold yet thoughtful strategies. We remind you that the decision to conclude a deal is still made by the client, and the broker has only an advisory role.

Spreads. The terms of trade with this company are one of the most profitable, although no one promises exorbitant profits.

Maintenance. The work of the company's support was mentioned as an example of a professional teamwork.

Affiliate and bonus programs of Charing Cross Group

For business partnerships (exchange of content, links and banners), you should contact support.

Conclusions about the company: reviews of traders, for the most part, are positive and confirm its good reputation. The company offers good conditions, clear tariffs and interesting referral programs. Thanks to UK registration and the support of international laws, Charing Cross Group scam avoiding algorithms keeps personal data safe, creating a harmonious environment for trading and making a profit.

Comments (10)
user_avatarJohns Francis 23.04.2021

In late November, I got an account with a broker Charing Cross Group. I quickly registered, put 250 dollars on the starting tariff. There are 4 of them in total, and all levels have the same leverage of 1: 300, static spreads (the more expensive the tariff, the more profitable the spreads) + the ability to trade on the news. There is no broker interest on input and output, top-up at the current rate. MetaTrader 4 terminal has a flexible system of settings. There are all the necessary tools for a successful start. Smart support service works around the clock, always answers all questions, helps, advises, and all this is very polite and patient. In my opinion, consultants also trade in order to be aware of all problems or changes in the market. I don’t know why, but I’m unable to reach them from the first time.

user_avatarRay Owen 24.05.2021

In September, I closed an account with a well-known broker after changing trading conditions. The management decided to increase the number of services, imposed a charge on clients for them, and among the useful functions they crammed in some not-so-needed ones, such as SMS informing. Moreover, without the ability to refuse or disable. Strange position, honestly, and so tariffs are not cheap. I had to look for a replacement, and not only me. A week later I was in correspondence with a friend from this broker's forum, and he sent a link to the registration "at the invitation of a friend" from a young broker Charing Cross Group. He wrote that the option is definitely profitable and promising. I trusted a friend, so agreed, well, I read the information, of course. The conditions were rather spartan, only the minimum necessary at the basic level, even without insurance. But the basic functionality is provided, and the organization works quickly. Only four tariff plans, starting will cost $ 250. Everything you need to start a stable work, there is. In all packages there are static and relatively low spreads, excellent scalping, news trading, personal manager and MetaTrader 4 terminal. Input / output is fast, and without problems + there is no commission. You can withdrew on a card or wallet, in half an hour or an hour, or you do it to a bank account - but then it takes ip to three days, depend on the bank. I was surprised by the level of technical support competence of such a young company. Over time, I realized that the entire system was originally thought out and created by experts with great practical experience. While a shortage of staff is felt, not always able to quickly get through. In general, I am satisfied.

user_avatarCummings Michael 06.06.2021

For various reasons, in August I said goodbye to Forex Finance. When I was looking for a new broker and consulted with my friends, I was given the idea to register at the Key Market. This is a very young broker, he is not more than a year old, but as they say it organized by experienced traders. I looked for information in the internet, I had to dig a long time, there are very few reviews so far. I had to trust the advice. According to the trading conditions there are both pros and cons. What is in shortcomings: only one MetaTrader 4 trading platform (I did not work on it before), only four tariff plans, and with a large price gap between the first and second one. And also there are only two methods of communication in the support contacts, these are a phone and an email, even the online chat on the site is not. In the pros: static spreads! do not jump in the period of volatility, you can safely build a strategic plan, quotes correspond to the market, excellent scalping at a high speed of opening / closing. I will also add that the broker does not have a commission for I / O, withdrawing money without problems, you can withdraw funds to the card in 40 minutes. I prefer to trade oil and precious metals, it would be good for me with any broker. But I'm still comfortable here, in general, I am satisfied.

user_avatarQuinn Thomas 21.06.2021

Working with Charing Cross Group broker for a month and a half already. I have never traded with rating companies, so I can’t compare it with such cool positions. And my trading experience is also minimal.Therefore, my review is more descriptive. Here is a very fast ordering, opening / closing is almost instant. In volatility, the rate decreases, which is logical. So orders are executed for a few seconds longer, not in 1-2 sec as usual, but rather in 5-6. Compared with the market, the broker spreads are the same, and / or slightly lower, static. The site has some training material, but there are no webinars, videos, demo and macroschets. But I'm more interested in working with real deals. I use its own analytics. While settling in, I merged the deposit a bit, but soon I returned it and went to the plus. A week ago, took the first 50 bucks. I sent a request for withdrawal, I received a confirmation, but the money did not reach the card. Called personal manager. It turned out that I had forgotten, and maybe did not know, about the need to go through the documentary verification of the account. Managed it, with the help of support, and in half an hour the money had already entered the card.

user_avatarMarsh Clinton 26.06.2021

Charing Cross Group is a good confident middling. It is unusual that such a young broker works with such a maturely built system. The promised conditions are fully met. I opened an account on the base package. I see no reason to touch more expensive three levels yet. I have enough here. For all tariffs, static spreads are equally included. Depending on the cost of the package, they are set in the direction of obtaining greater benefits. I trade AUD and NZD, adequately to the market. There is no commission for withdrawal, money is entered at the current rate and very quickly. Competent support service, it is a pity that there is no possibility of prompt dialing. I personally am not a fan of sitting on the line and chatting live. Already got used to solve all questions in the online correspondence. There are no webinars, tournaments, and no micro and demo accounts. But I don’t see any benefit in them, often they are offered either by kitchens, or promoted brokers, who already have all the options more than enough.

user_avatarArmstrong Peter 01.07.2021

Register with a young forex broker Charing Cross Group three weeks ago. I downloaded and installed the MetaTrader 4 platform on a computer, and immediately on a smart too, then downloaded the documents. Replenished, after that the bidding went on automatically. I got a call back from support. The young man introduced himself as my personal manager and offered help. Thanks to him, quickly figured out the system, set everything up for my needs. Here is a great speed of execution, super scalping. At first I tested everything that my hands had reached. The system works without failures, clearly, and all financial transactions are absolutely transparent. There were no communication breaks, slippage occurred, requotes were a couple of times. On the volatility of the speed decreased slightly. Replenishment at the current bank rate, when withdrawing can be removed bank interest, the broker has no commission. I would like to see intertrader tournaments, promotions, bonuses and training material in the form of webinars or videos.

user_avatarPitts Ronald 20.07.2021

I returned from vacation in mid-July, and found e-mail with a invitation link from an old friend. He offered to open an account with a new broker Charing Cross Group and attached information about trading conditions. I have registered, and for the time being, I like everything. There were no conflict situations, managers are very polite and do not intervene in work without demand. The only thing that the friend did not tell about is a necessary to pass the account verification before the first withdrawal. There is no information about it on the site also. And when I had withdrew to the card for the first time, and my money did not appear, I had a minute of panic. What's also important! is it clear that in the storm period the speed drops slightly and orders are executed for a few seconds longer? All warned. About the rest. Excellent support, it will explain everything you need and help. Adequate static spreads, quotes correspond to average market indicators, 50 pairs of key currency pairs are presented, it is possible to scalp and trade on news. There is no choice of terminal, you can only work with the MetaTrader 4 platform. But then there is a super flexible system of settings, trading bots and a lot of other useful options. In general, I have a positive opinion about the broker.

user_avatarMason Jacob 25.07.2021

One year ago, I set a goal to learn how to trade with forex. Dreamed of passive income and financial independence. Began to study, walked forward with small steps. There were online courses, I read literature, watched webinars of experienced traders, all sorts of motivational films. Finally, I opened the first account and started training on demo accounts with various brokers. Two months ago, I opened the first real account with a young broker Charing Cross Group. I thought it was time to take big risks and put $ 250 in a deposit for the base rate. At first I was very nervous. Was afraid to take an extra step, and still in the first week went into a drawdown, and partially merged. Consulted with support to try different strategies. I sit now almost all the free time in the terminal. It is good that there are trading bots, I finally saw the first profit due to them. I think that soon I will be able to make more independent decisions without panic. I did not withdraw yet, but the mood is the most optimistic. Under the terms of the broker, static spreads, quotes are not too high, 50 currency pairs, besides you can choose other trading items, + an excellent MT 4 platform. There are no contests, promotions, bonuses or tournaments.

user_avatarLawson Gervase 27.07.2021

What I like here is a solid approach to the business and organization of the process. At Charing Cross Group, everything is thought out, there is nothing superfluous, technically everything works smoothly and reliably. Even according to the degree of technical support preparation, it is clear that the company was founded by real pros and experts in the exchange business. Consultants respond in detail to all questions about the operation of the system and changes in the market. Execution is almost instantaneous, transactions are not canceled. Under the conditions: quotes on average correspond to the market, depending on the pair - may be slightly lower. I prefer to trade pairs USD / CHF and EUR / USD. Fixed spreads do not dance in the storm. Daily native analytics makes it possible to track market conditions as accurately as possible. I manage to make fairly accurate predictions with a large percentage of successful hits. If you have enough experience, do not be afraid to scalp, here there are all suitable conditions for this. Many times the tried and tested MetaTrader 4 terminal is configured for all desired parameters. Unfortunately for someone, the broker does not have other trading platforms. In addition, there are no intertrader tournaments, competitions, contests, or some enticing trifles such as promotions and bonuses. I think time will tell, something new will appear.

user_avatarPotter Richard 31.07.2021

In my opinion, Charing Cross Group broker can be confidently put four for the quality of work and services offered. Basic functionality is present in sufficient measure, and the technical side also pleases with high efficiency, plus here is a high-precision analytics. But also there is a certain feeling of incomplete in the information plan. There are almost no educational materials on the site, there are no webinars, video. Only two types of connection with support. There is no online chat or opportunity to get information in any messenger. I am glad that the company uses the MetaTrader 4 platform. The terminal has its own mobile application and the ability to install on a smartphone and tablet. I often have to work from the phone on the road, so of course it’s convenient to take a minimum of gadgets with me. For half a year there have been a couple of communication breaks, but from my side, more precisely, from the mobile operator. In trading conditions, here are static spreads and there is no commission for I / O, the broker does not have hidden fees. Support polite, tactful, well-grounded, really helps. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to call from the first time, the lines are often busy.