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ChaseCapitalOnline scam check tips: how to protect your mailbox. Expert advice

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Recently, "hacker" scandals have been rattling one. Probably, almost everyone had to "return" a hacked profile on a social network or mailbox. More than 99% of cyber attacks on users are not targeted, but massive. In other words, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the attacker does not hack a specific account, but as many of any accounts as possible. Naturally, those who are poorly protected suffer.

In addition to the banal purposes of using a spam box, hacking email is an opportunity to gain access to almost any information about a person. As a rule, social network profiles, accounts on Public Services, Google Play, App Store, e-wallets and much more are linked to the mailbox. A tasty morsel for cybercriminals!

With these expert tips from ChaseCapitalOnline broker, you will be protected from phishing attacks.

ChaseCapitalOnline scam protection advice:

1. Give up simple passwords

Weak passwords:

You are at risk if you use your first or last name as a password, names of relatives or pets, date of birth or wedding, car number, etc. Such information is easy to find on social networks, reminding email protection specialists.

2.  Link your cell phone number to the mail

Today, linking to a phone number is the fastest and most reliable way to get your hacked mailbox back. ChaseCapitalOnline scam detection team remonds: after changing the number, do not forget to specify the new data in the mail settings. Otherwise, the SMS with the recovery code will go nowhere.

In what cases is it necessary to link the phone number to the mail? ChaseCapitalOnline scam check tips:

3. Only unique passwords

The mailbox password must be unique. Of course, the temptation is great to come up with one password for all occasions, but then if you hack one account, you will lose everything at once. Are you sure that on every site you have ever logged in, your password databases are protected and encrypted?

A very common case, when you register on a suspicious site where you are going to download a pirated movie, enter your email as a login, and your usual password as a password, the same as for your mailbox. You can assume that you have just donated your Apple ID and bank statements to online scammers. It is imperative for each account or registration on the site to come up with a separate password.

4. Beware of fake sites!

Phishing pages (English phishing) copy the interface of popular sites and use similar URLs, for example, instead of The goal of phishing scammers is to get your logins, passwords, plastic card numbers and other confidential information. You can get to such an insidious page using a link from a dubious letter or from an unverified site. According to security team from ChaseCapitalOnline scam websites are quite easy to identify.

5. Change your password to a new one regularly

Experts advise changing your email password at least once a year. Why is this needed? Even if you come up with a strong, long and tricky password, sooner or later it can fall into the hands of cybercriminals. They have come up with many ways to extract passwords from inattentive and careless users. You can enter your password yourself on a phishing page that mimics the interface of your mail, or it can be written by malware invisible to your eyes.

6. Install antivirus

Speaking of malware. In order to avoid problems with access to email or broker account, be sure to use antivirus programs, and on all devices from which you access your mail. There are a huge number of viruses and Trojans for Windows, and new ones are constantly being created. The situation is much better under MacOS and Linux, but you should not count on one hundred percent security. scam detection team advice to check your antivirus from time to time and keep it updated.

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user_avatarNewman Myles 15.01.2022

I have never had problems with services and transactions. They are honest, and all transactions are transparent. I started receiving low profits and it gradually increases. I use this office for almost a year and very satisfied.

user_avatarNelson Roland 21.01.2022

I have a real account on them for more than a month, while all the trade results and services are good. There are several problems in their software, but only minor. In general, the impressions are good. Excellent broker job. Within a short period of time, I can see a good profit from my deals.

user_avatarHudson Jacob 22.01.2022

Excellent brokerage signals and good customer service. I am glad that I traded with the right broker. Good customer service. They are promptly engaged in commercial needs.

user_avatarBridges Eugene 03.02.2022

Previously, I did not experience much confidence in brokers, which neither in any rating and which are few advertised. Now I was convinced that the success of a broker in the market and your success in working with him. The main thing is your desire to work and earn and make the possibility of a specific selected broker to provide you with the necessary conditions for this.

user_avatarCummings Clement 11.02.2022

After disgusting experience with the previous broker, I registered with chasecapitalonline Consultants. Already long ago put an eye on him and finally began to work on this platform. It is doubly pleasant to be in the plus and without constant conflicts after infinite stress in the previous office. For two months, trading with chasecapitalonline Consultants and during this time I earned more than over the past year with an old broker.

user_avatarPerry Lester 21.02.2022

I am a fan of experiments. Therefore, for the sake of interest went to this broker to experience him and myself. Now this is my permanent broker, from which I, perhaps, I will not go anymore. It seems to me that it is better than here, to find unreal.

user_avatarDorsey Harry 02.03.2022

I work with chasecapitalonline Consultants since they appeared on the market, and so far I am completely satisfied. I am a little incomprehensible to a high deposit that needs to be made to start work, but, nevertheless, trading is quite liquid. I also did not notice excessive distribution.

user_avatarRoss Williamя 08.03.2022

Very large amount of ETF and good offer on FX. The disadvantage for "small" traders is that you have to have a big starting deposit. Nevertheless, if you are already trading with such a capital, I believe that this is one of the best options in the market.

user_avatarChandler Edward 21.03.2022

Over the past 2 years chasecapitalonline Consultants has changed much. Changes are definitely for the better. Good app, good offer - the greatest advantages.

user_avatarHawkins Richard 19.04.2022

Made a very smooth and fast deal after my time wasted by another trader

user_avatarHenry Lambert 26.04.2022

The spreads are usually low, and trading conditions are more favorable, a lot of tools. What pleases is the closure of transactions without slipping. Managers are also very effective

user_avatarTownsend Alexander 27.04.2022

Support is responsible immediately and in the worst time usually within a few minutes. The support service held me through many things. Prices here are also transparent, and so far there are no hidden payments with this broker.