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Devices that cannot be used in case of illness

Devices that cannot be used in case of illness John Doe ★★★★★

It is clear that you do not need to sit under the air conditioner if you have a cold, shave with an electric razor if your skin is injured. But there are also not so obvious prohibitions and contraindications for using home appliances. Check: perhaps the device you are looking to buy is not suitable for you and may be harmful.


"What could be healthier and tastier than freshly squeezed juices?" - the advertisement asks, and endocrinologists, nutritionists and gastroenterologists can tell you in great detail why juices are harmful. In short, freshly squeezed juice causes a sharp rise in blood sugar levels, in response to this, there is a strong release of insulin. This swiftness is explained by the fact that the juice, "not burdened" with fiber, is very quickly absorbed. The result is jumps in blood sugar and insulin, which, with regular "training", provokes the development of type 2 diabetes.

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There is a recommendation to dilute freshly squeezed juices: it is good, but very few people follow it, because advertising calls for drinking "light, rich, tasty fresh juices every day", and not diluted and occasionally. By the way, the "lightness" of freshly squeezed juices is also apparent: the calorie content of an orange or apple juice is comparable to the calorie content of cola and other sweet soda. Plus the combination "jump in blood sugar - insulin - a sharp drop in blood sugar" makes you feel hungry, even if you recently eaten.

If you or your family members are overweight, have high blood sugar and a hereditary predisposition to diabetes, do not take risks and do not buy a device that is so tempting to use for health and is so easy to harm it. If you can't go without juices, then choose an auger juicer: it leaves pulp in the juice, and this is fiber that slows down the absorption. Better yet, make a smoothie where it stays completely.

Diagnostic scale

Diagnostic, or analytical scales, which determine not only weight, but also the percentage of water, adipose and bone tissue in the body, use the bioelectric method. There are metal plates with electrodes on the weighing platform. Weak electrical discharges are passed through the human body (you need to stand on the scales with bare feet). Muscle, bone, and adipose tissue have different electrical resistance (impedance), which helps the scale to measure their content in the body. If there are metal pins or knitting needles in the human body, if a pacemaker is installed, such a device cannot be used. And if the user is a pregnant woman, then it is undesirable: firstly, the fetus does not need even weak electrical vibrations, and secondly, the measurement results will be incorrect: the fetus, placenta and amniotic fluid together create a huge "error" of the analysis.


The miracle device, which costs an average of 20 to 40 thousand rubles, stops the growth of unwanted hair by acting on the hair follicles using light pulses. Such a procedure, according to the instructions for the device, has quite a few contraindications, ranging from skin diseases to varicose veins and other problems with veins. In addition, photoepilation should not be performed during pregnancy, lactation and while taking hormonal drugs.

In general, this device is the leader in terms of prohibitions. Here is an incomplete list: lymphodenitis, allergic reactions, any neoplasms, blood diseases, diabetes, herpes in the acute stage, acute infectious and viral diseases, keloid scars, sunburn. Before photoepilation, it is advisable not to sunbathe for two weeks. You cannot use the device while intoxicated (it seems to be understandable, but suddenly).

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