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MSP Limited scam protection team warned of possible problems with money withdrawal.


Forex broker MSP Limited

Often, novice traders have doubts about the company’s honesty when they have problems with the withdrawal of funds, and this is the last stage of cooperation with the company. Therefore, it is essential to recognize a scam before you start having problems withdrawing funds. What should be a decent broker, and how to identify fraud? MSP Limited, a broker from Switzerland, shared the secrets of safe Forex trading.
The broker is registered in Zurich; the address of the main office and other contact details can be found on broker as an example of a long-term positive experience

Brokers enable their clients to access the Forex market. To do this, the client places his order on the platform of the intermediary company.

What do you need to start trading?

The client needs to have a certain amount of money on the account, which he can use in trading. A broker opens such an account at the beginning of cooperation. The details for replenishing the deposit are provided to clients by the account manager; the brokerage company, in turn, provides guarantees for the safety of funds, security policy in MSP Limited.

How can a trader open an account?

Start by registering on

Wait for a call from an account manager or contact the company using the provided contact information.

Proceed to the choice of portfolios in the "Account types" section. There you will see the minimum deposits for each of the accounts:

Top up the company’s account that corresponds to the suitable account plan you have chosen for yourself.

How do replenish the deposit?

There are several options for depositing and withdrawing funds:

Replenishment of funds through the bank. You make an account replenishment through the bank's cash desk or other usual methods. Such replenishment can take up to several days (3-5), so it will not be possible to instantly transfer the replenishment of the account with the broker in this way.

For a quick deposit, use your bank card. Withdrawals are made to the same card you used to replenish your account.

When to Suspect a Scam: MSP Limited scam check tips

If you have questions or difficulties with the deposit of funds or access to your account right after the registration, this is a sign – a regular broker that cares about its reputation will never allow any technical issue to ruin your start. The main characters of a lousy company:

For example, the scam department prevents any possible issues for the whole period of the company’s activity, and the broker has operated transparently in Forex for more than ten years. The site contains information about contacts, registration, and the principal office of the brokerage company.

All documentation of the broker is in the public domain on the company's (here is the security and privacy policy, portfolios, address data, cooperation with anti-fraud European programs).


Be sure to study the broker’s history so as not to fall for scams. Do not trust promotional offers with too favorable conditions for earning.

Comments (35)
user_avatarChandler Roger 06.04.2022

Msp limited I was pleased with fast verification, in one day I received the highest level. The conditions are adequate, the average profit is 5-7% per month. I recently downloaded their application to the tablet, it is really convenient, if the Internet is fast, then you can trade anywhere, absolutely not tied to a stationary computer. I take it regularly to kiwi, comes stably on the same day.

user_avatarHill Paul 09.04.2022

Great fraud + low deposit + good margin - fairy tale. I started not here, but quickly found Msp limited and switched. For a year, I only rushed about everything, the bonuses in this is a great help. Then he chose the optimal for himself and began to work to work. Perhaps classic couples, well, the main metals can - for me the most profitable option. For exotic, I will only go to the news specific. I keep a lot of accounts, all are different. Fortunately, the multitremal was introduced!

user_avatarWilson Daniel 10.04.2022

Really fast verification. He sent the docks on Tuesday, on Thursday he had already received the highest level. I immediately requested a no deposit, and completely played out for three months. In trade, I am satisfied with adequate quotes and execution. There were no problems at the conclusion with the bonus, received his profit $ 84 during the day on a kiwi-wallet.

user_avatarDaniels Garry 24.04.2022

He register an account, choosing a payment to the support service - the same attention, I chewed some of the offices related to replenishment and withdrawal, verification, and T. I will say that such a reaction to customers is simply phenomenal since 2007. Of course, there are imperfect moments and in execution, sometimes requests, sometimes the invoice enters the security department, as they say. But this is all commented within the contract.

user_avatarBlankenship Jordan 26.04.2022

A competent company with a clear system of bonuses, with a good gradation of accounts and with a minimum, which allows you to try yourself and all of the listed without loss, well, the stump and the terminal of course are clear. What surprised me, that there are no obsessive allegedly personal managers who pull the grandmas from you and stick strategies. Here is democracy)))) I will note the active communication of representatives on all fronts: social networks, ratings, forums and all sorts of skype. Extremely convenient and around the clock.

user_avatarDavid Meyer 03.05.2022

Msp limiteds is just what a beginner in the trading business might want from his/hers first broker. Totally beginner-friendly and comfortable to work with. Customer care service is lacking a bit though.

user_avatarRobert Smith 05.05.2022

Didn't hear anything about Msp limiteds before, can anyone tell me what's their deal? I'm thinking about choosing a broker and need some good advice.

user_avatarShane Torres 06.05.2022

Your best bet in the trading world would be to just cooperate with a reliable broker, lemme tell you that. Brokers can be a reason for your success or downfall. I don't know about Msp limiteds tho, you gotta check them yourself.

user_avatarTimothy Powers 08.05.2022

Last year was groundbreaking for me in terms of learning new stuff about trading and cooperation with brokers, Msp limiteds was of great help in that regard. Thinking of continuing our cooperation.

user_avatarThomas Davis 29.05.2022

Msp limited is okay. Well, I don’t have a lot of data to compare them with others, but I don’t think I need it, cause I get what I’m looking for right here.

user_avatarJason Elliott 08.06.2022

Good evening! I have been working with this broker for more than 7 months for non-trusting management and do not understand your reviews about the company, the trader works with me personally in the market and gives accurate trading signals! I started trading from the standard account and earn on average a month from 25- 35% of the profit, and there were no transactions to minus and oil revenue at all on the drop in oil!

user_avatarRobert Bridges 13.06.2022

I was extremely pleased with the work with the markets and the office in St. Petersburg! The initial deposit of $ 1000 in 2 weeks of work was raised with my trader to 1279. Now temporarily suspended the work, because On a business trip in another country! But upon arrival I will continue.

user_avatarJohn Bryan 17.06.2022

I started trade with $ 500, I have been doing it for a long time and increased my deposit to $ 1300 per half a year. My child is small and this kind of earnings is just for me. I have no desire to cooperate with other brokers while everything suits. I am very glad that there is such a service as escort, without the help of traders, I probably would not have managed.

user_avatarStanley Jordan 18.06.2022

I trade with Broker msp limited for about 3 months. He began to trade with $ 1,000 now on the account of $ 3100 earned very well on the rise of the euro). Very grateful to the trader Andrei, and the manager Maxim.

user_avatarDean Gonzalez 27.06.2022

I trade with Timur, so far everything is fine. I already earned $ 2500 in the American market, let's see how it will be further. I checked it, everything is ok. I just don’t understand, is it really so much attention from my profit, I trade in a mini account

user_avatarBrandon Lewis 01.07.2022

A solid broker, with excellent prices and the fastest performance that I found. Inexpensive ECN accounts and an excellent platform for making money, selling Forex.

user_avatarCharles White 03.07.2022

good broker, low commissions, I would like to conclude less

user_avatarClarence Gibbs 03.07.2022

Support led me in many things. I'm not so good in finding my way when I do something new. It was a support team that led me through how to configure the robot, how to subscribe to VPS and other information that I need from them.

user_avatarJames Moore 24.07.2022

Round -the -clock feedback on the trader's language transparent conditions for cooperation with the company convenient trader calculator

user_avatarJonathan Miller 27.07.2022

I have been scalping with this broker for the past four months, which was a rather positive experience. My mt4 adviser works very well and without interruptions, which is very important for me. The sum of the entrance to the scalping is slightly higher, starts from $ 500, but there is an ECN account, without spreads, and the credit shoulder 1: 500

user_avatarKenneth Smith 16.08.2022

For the first time he began investments through a brokerage company, O Msp limited found out via the Internet, read reviews about it and decided to take a chance. While everything goes fine, there is income, the money is withdrawn quickly, without any delays. At first I invested small amounts, but as I am familiar with the platform, I gradually increase them, respectively and the income becomes more.

user_avatarTerry Davis 17.08.2022

Technical support works harmoniously, answers all questions and helps in obscure situations. I regret that I had not stumbled upon him before. I recommend everyone, you will not regret it. Thank you very much.

user_avatarKenneth Brown 20.08.2022

At first, he opened a small deposit, but then, when he trained a little, he gained experience, decided to open a gold account to get all the advantages that a broker for deposit owners provides.

user_avatarDonald Beck 24.08.2022

If you want a stable platform that quickly works and gives a good result, then Msp limited you will like it.

user_avatarRobert Evans 26.08.2022

Perhaps this is the first broker in my memory, which demonstrates such customer orientation and loyalty to its users. Support 24/7, it is easy to contact, you do not have to hang on the phone for a long time. I have all the issues that I addressed were resolved in my favor.

user_avatarGreer Robert 06.09.2022

In principle, I can recommend Msp limited. I never had punctures with them, however, I am not a risky person, and in investments I took a position of long -term planning - even if there is no sharp and great growth, but the risks are minimal.

user_avatarCollins Edward 09.09.2022

Facilitate the work of the trader. I am very glad that they opened their own bank - now you just have to leave a request for replenishment, how the money instantly comes, while they do not take the commission.

user_avatarBates Grant 09.09.2022

For the second year I invest through the Foundation of International Broker markets Msp limited, the results are more than satisfactory. Annual income at the level of 25-28%, this is a very high indicator

user_avatarMcDonald Thomas 19.09.2022

I gave the broker the opportunity to prove myself. The instinct did not fail, even six months later I see growth better than the growth of the exchange index. Experience, as they say, decides.

user_avatarStevenson Daniel 24.09.2022

To someone like, and I was satisfied with the work with Msp limited. I learned to invest with them wisely, and not from Balda, like many. I really liked that all the documents can be registered online, you do not have to run around the city and send pieces of paper.

user_avatarClinton Young 02.10.2022

Acquaintance with Msp limited began in their office. Of course, he found out about the company in advance, specifically came with the question of translation. I was not sure that they would consult, because In advance, the account of the Msp limited was not open. But they did not refuse, the managers are positively configured, in a language that I understand it, they told how all this is done. I immediately figured it out in everything, then I acted on my own.

user_avatarZachary Smith 12.10.2022

I have been trading through them for the second year, everything is fine. I slowly increase capital, helped to determine the most suitable strategies, so the additional income from the account is now stable.

user_avatarHector Johnson 28.10.2022

I have a university comrade managing strategy in the Finams. He called me here and called me under the pretext of investing under his control. An intelligent guy and there are many there. Money is spinning in 4 strategies, not one goes into deep protracted drawdowns!

user_avatarRichard Evans 31.10.2022

The broker managers are always in touch and resolve obscure situations if they arise. A good application for work is a trading, there is all the information on your transactions. The American market was such a horror story for me - but nothing, with the help of Msp limited I figured it out pretty quickly, really like

user_avatarMichael Johnson 31.10.2022

I chose BCS at random, but the company was reliable and responsible. So far, the amounts are small, but this is because I still do not know much.