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Free crypto currency

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There are many ways to generate income with the help of crypto currency but the main one is still mining, although crypto exchangers and other online resources can bring good income provided they are implemented with a competent approach. In general, the approach to obtaining crypto currency is no different from other ways of earning money. The exception is mining since it is impossible to independently issue other currencies at home, at least without breaking the law. We will consider some ways how to make money on crypto currency, which are popular and do not disagree with the legislative norms.  

Mining crypto at home  

First of all, it should be noted that all methods of mining crypto currency using home computers and even more so mobile devices, have long lost their meaning. For several years, miners have been using specialized high-power ASIC equipment. Modern models of these devices exceed the performance of video cards by several times. When buying, you need to focus on powerful devices, it definitely not free and can cost considerably. Of course, right now getting one Bitcoin is impossible to do this way. According to the crypto miners' reviews, the equipment can be paid off over time. 

Cloud mining 

Working with cloud services differs from mining at home but requires investments, the size of which is proportional to income. Many services give bonuses to customers for registration, for example, HashOcean guarantees 15 KH/s, which will provide a few cents a month. As for a more serious income, it is necessary to make large investments. Before starting work, you should test the crypto mining system. Theoretically, cloud mining can bring a constant income and requires significantly less investment than the mining crypto currency on ASIC devices at home. 


There are a lot of financial instruments on the market that allow you to earn well. Shares, futures, options, currency - all these are large markets with millions of people working for it. The peculiarity of crypto trading is that their future prices are very difficult to predict. If there is information on the future growth online, there will certainly be articles that completely disagree with the previous ones. The dollar value can be predicted based on the political situation; in turn, crypto currency has no restraining factors. The largest stock exchanges Kraken, BTCChina and others offer clear terms of crypto trading.  


There are websites that distribute crypto currency; the principle is reduced to visiting the website repeatedly, putting in the captcha or completing the game. For this, an insignificant amount of Satoshi is credited to the user's account. Generally, it rarely exceeds 400, 500 crypto cents. For example, one of the most popular Free Bitcoin cranes allows receiving about 340 Satoshi hourly, which corresponds to 0.00000340 Bitcoins. 

Duplicators - how to get free crypto 

This method of obtaining income is risky and you might lose your funds. The principle of earning is to place crypto currency on third-party resources that offer a high percentage. Most newcomers invest in high-yield projects and do not actually succeed. Professionals recommend going for projects that offer a lower level of profit - about 3%.  

The market also demonstrates investment projects that offer lower interest rates but guarantee their return. Their principle is similar to the activity of banks. At the same time, the expediency of such programs is also questionable as it is possible to get one bitcoin per day only if you invest hundreds and even thousands of crypto currency units. In this case, there is also a risk of remaining with nothing. 

Surfing and viewing emails 

This is one of the oldest ways to promote websites and pages online. Currently, many portals offer to earn crypto in this way. Just as with cranes, you should not expect to receive a large income. So, it is hardly possible to earn more than 10-20 thousand Satoshi on one website. You can use a referral link to increase revenue.  


To date, a few casinos offer gaming machines, roulette, poker and other entertainment for crypto currency. In most cases, virtual institutions accept traditional currency. Nevertheless, some online gambling houses accept crypto currency as rates and pay cash rewards in Bitcoins. In order to actually win, it is recommended to use a method that is known as the Martingale's strategy. The principle boils down to constantly increasing the rate twice. At the same time, it is very important to have some crypto in stock because you do not know how long it will take to double the amount.  

Crypto currency with subsequent sale 

Many people are interested in the question of how to get crypto for free in the shortest possible time? If you believe the forecasts of experts, popular crypto currencies will rise in price. Having invested money today, you can get twice as much tomorrow. This is one of the simplest but rather risky methods, which, unfortunately, is impossible without a starting capital. 

Crypto bots 

To date, Internet offers many special programs that automatically collect crypto currency from cranes. In most cases, a significant part of such programs is working for a short time. As evidenced by user comments, it is impossible to earn q crypto coin per day but income is generated without investments in automatic mode. Such programs work with different cranes, sometimes the number can reach several dozens. In addition to Bitcoin, they can collect other types of crypto currency. 


Games can bring users several thousand Satoshi a day. If you connect to the crypto referral system, you can get a very significant income. Online games are very popular and tens of millions of people around the world play them every day. Therefore, the popularity of this technique is beyond doubt. 

There are many ways to earn crypto, some of them are free, other ones require initial investment; although none of them can be called simple. A person who has set a goal to receive crypto currency needs to concentrate on one method and work actively towards the goal. 


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