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How scam brokers can attract customers?

How scam brokers can attract customers? Dwain Ross ★★★★★

How scam brokers can attract customers?


There are main methods used by scams to bring traders to themselves:


Free training

Fraud companies attract their customers by organizing free trainings, courses, seminars at which they promise to teach you to trade on Forex in just a few weeks. By teaching only superficial, primitive aspects of trade, such "teachers" have only one goal - to convince beginner traders that it is easier to quickly earn money in the currency market. Such pupils for scams are nothing but "meat," whose deposit they very easily soon will merge and profit from it. Real brokers will never take responsibility for training inexperienced traders as it will take a long time. Besides, honest brokers make money, mostly thanks to the spread. This means that it is more profitable for them to deal with experienced traders who know the market well and are steadily profiting from their trade on it.


The fixed spread

Playing on the trader 's desire to earn a fortune in a short period of time, the scam broker seduces him with a large credit shoulder and an incredibly low fixed spread. Being greedy, thanks to a large margin shoulder the client opens at once a lot of deals. And the more warrants are issued, the faster you can drain the bill. As a result, the trader is deprived of the entire deposit.


Quickly open an undocumented account

Opening a merchant account without verification. Most Dealing Centers today give their potential customers the opportunity to quickly, without providing any documents, register and, having added to the account, immediately start trading. Plus, scams offer a variety of ways to replenish the trading account (for example, grey payment systems: Yandex money, WebMoney, through which, in case the account is set to zero, you will no longer be able to return the money).



Very popular today is such an advertising move as a no-deal account on Forex. Scams accrued bonus money allegedly gives the trader the opportunity to trade them. On the Internet it is very difficult to hide from the influx of all kinds of banners. Some promise 100 or even 200 per cent bonus money, some lashing a low fixed spread of 0.1 points. It is very easy for them to show such false generosity, because frauds do not work on the ECN & STP system, which means that this money will not be withdrawn to liquidity suppliers anyway.


Traps on job search sites

Those looking for work can also get caught in the network of fraud brokers. By opening any job search site, you can find a trader vacancy there. The company does not require work experience from the candidate and promises a salary of from $300 immediately after the completion of the training courses. Statistics say that a minimum of 75 percent of trading accounts are opened by scams, which were simply skillfully manipulated by the greed of novice traders. Real brokerage companies do not engage in active advertising and do not attract clients with different seductive conditions - an honest broker does not have a non-positional account and a fixed spread. Most often, the minimum deposit of a "white" broker is $1000, which is why the CIS market is not very interesting to them. The novice sincerely hopes that with 100 dollars he in a short period of time will "make" himself a fortune. If at least one of the items on this list coincided with the fact that you are watching with your current broker - do not doubt that you got to the scams.

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