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New Trendsmacro reviews broker and its secure trading

New forex broker Trendsmacro, reviews | review Dwain Ross ★★★★★

Internet fraud has infiltrated all online financial transactions. Those who trade on the exchange have to fear not only phishing, but also fraudulent schemes that pretend to be payment systems or other service companies. Is there a way not to fall for the scam? Checking scam algorithms allows us to see what scam can be found online. And it’s an example of the company that has a strong rules to fight it back and let the clients trade with no risk of running into fraud.

Why Trendsmacro? This broker has a lot of Forex experience. In addition, the company has expanded its business and is now trying to gain a foothold in the market by applying European anti-fraud standards.


What is known about the new broker? Trendsmacro review

Today the company provides support for trading in all markets, and the amount of this support depends only on the chosen tariff plan. Clients can access not only the Forex market, but also the markets of raw materials, indices and shares.

Almost immediately after the start of operations, the company's management faced the fact: the number of people willing to trade on the Internet is growing, but this increases the number of speculations and the errors they cause, which lead to loss of capital. Now they have an online training system, which consists of personal training sessions (this is when an analyst connects during trading and explains how to read charts, how to see a trend), and providing various kinds of training materials.

The broker's clientele already numbers over ten thousand people. The company encourages partnerships by offering two types of referral programs.

The legal address of the company, contact numbers, e-mail for communication are indicated on the website in the "Contacts" section, and are also presented in a separate block at the bottom of each page review - Accounts types:





Min investment: $250

Min investment: $2,000

Min investment: $10,000

Min investment: $10,000

Spreads: From 2.8

Spreads: From 2.5 pips

Spreads: From 1.5 pips

Spreads: From 0.1 pips

Leverage: 1:300

Leverage: 1:300

Leverage: 1:300

Leverage: 1:300

Personal account

Personal account

Personal account

Personal account

manager: Yes

manager: Yes

manager: Yes

manager: Yes

Expert advisors: No

Expert advisors: Yes

Expert advisors: Yes

Expert advisors: Yes


Trendsmacro reviews -  registration and verification.

Registration consists of filling out a simple form where you need to provide personal information, including phone number, date of birth and country of residence.

How to find out if the broker pays? Better to read the responses of other customers. Delays of up to a day are acceptable due to the bank issues, but if the broker does not withdraw money for weeks, it means that he may never pay it back. As for reviews, there are a lot of mentions showing that clients are getting the withdrawals smooth and fast (through a bank, payment system or web wallet). Trendsmacro reviews can be found all over the net. reviews are mostly positive from English-speaking clients. The broker is not that old, but many years of experience in trading have brought the company a well-deserved reputation as experts in trading and protection against fraud.


Those comments were collected via Facebook and Trustpilot reviews.

Marco Lucci, Rome, Italy, 43, taxi driver

When I began cooperating with this company, trading had somehow... unfolded itself for me, for the lack of better word. All the things I couldn't understand before were as plain and simple as they could be right before me. I'm really grateful to for that.

John Green, UK, Manchester, 23, student

I planned to enter the trading market for a while and encountered Trendsmacro. At first I was a bit suspicious of them (well, I'm suspicious of anyone at first)), read forums and reviews. But then decided to try and was impressed. Nice one for beginners, as for my opinion.

Edith Huber, Munich, Germany, 38, teacher

Working with this company felt really easy and great. I would especially like to mention their customer care service specialists; those guys are awesome, I really like their politeness and how they always eager to help you.

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Comments (22)
user_avatarRedmond Shoun 08.03.2021

Huh ... At the last moment I managed to recoup my sum ... It's good that I followed the advice of my manager. Good luck everyone!

user_avatarGunar 09.03.2021

Extremely happy about my decision to stay here after I've completed my market research. It is already quite profitable and seems to be getting better and better.

user_avatarDarren 10.03.2021

I did some research to figure out which broker would help me trade more efficiently. Glad I stopped at this place. This company has never let me down ...

user_avatarCamron 11.03.2021

You cannot sign an agreement without studying the terms ... But there are so many functional features that it is difficult to understand right away, especially for beginners. For this, there are short contracts: start, then the account manager will gradually bring you up to date.

user_avatarTim 12.03.2021

It was a good idea to choose a broker with real trading conditions. Now I'm doing well here. The only thing that alerted me at the beginning was the low spreads. But they are exactly like that and you have the opportunity to earn.

user_avatarPaddy 14.03.2021

You can also try the basics of trading on a demo account. Moreover, the broker allows you to stay on it as much as you want. It helped me a lot in due time.

user_avatarGeorge 15.03.2021

The conditions here do not change, by the way. If you came for low spreads and are worried that this miracle will disappear somewhere, then you are in vain. As long as I work with this broker, the spreads are consistently low.

user_avatarNatan 17.03.2021

I have not switched anywhere from this broker, because it has everything I need: low spreads, leverage, broad basic functionality, hassle-free withdrawals and excellent customer support.

user_avatarJonas 20.03.2021

My experience is considerable. I choose this broker because I trust him. I make a profit with him. My accounts are protected and my earnings are regularly transferred to me. What could be more convincing?

user_avatarKarl 30.03.2021

Low spreads are a constant bliss in this place. That is the main reason I haven't switched elsewhere yet. Other things are nice too, but spreads are simply the best.

user_avatarSimmons 03.04.2021

I like everything about this broker, especially the speed of its work. This is an important advantage. They quickly introduce you to the course, quickly you will learn basic trading strategies, just as quickly you will receive money into your account. The support also reacts to calls almost instantly.

user_avatarOliver 07.04.2021

My last broker was burning through my funds like they were gasoline. God I'm glad I got out and ended up here. Completely different state of affairs.

user_avatarEvie 12.04.2021

I came here for spreads, and I will stay here thanks to spreads and everything else. This broker is just wonderful ... I am almost in love with my account manager because he helps me earn more and more

user_avatarDwight 27.04.2021

Two months as a trader. Don’t have some extra profits yet, but I am glad I stayed despite all the market issues.

user_avatarEdwards 01.05.2021

I don't really care what people say, I just want to get my profit once I see the chance to earn them. Good terms here, good payments, I enjoy to trade with no limits on number of orders. I also manage to teach others how to trade and you know what? - they earn as well. So it's up to you if you either trade and earn or you sit and think about it with no actions.

user_avatarRick 10.05.2021

All functions work fine - terminal, withdrawals… but I miss copying deals option. I think it can help to a lot of traders to boost their results.

user_avatarEvelyn 15.05.2021

I have been trading for a year and a half, excellent broker, good conditions, small commissions, which is very pleasing. I consistently receive 10-20% to my account per month. Generally I recommend it!

user_avatarPeter 20.05.2021

I have been working with a broker for a very long time. At the same time, I use different trading tactics on different assets, but the main thing is not this, but the fact that the broker supports me in trading and even helps, provides excellent conditions and analytics. In fact, I was already convinced of his reputation. This is a really reliable company. I advise everyone.

user_avatarRobert 24.05.2021

I consider this company to be the best. And I can say this based on my experience. And he is not small for me. Nice interface, convenient calendar, a bunch of different tools. Trading is a pleasure. Great broker. For a year and a half, it never let me down.

user_avatarJohn Harris 07.06.2021

Checked this broker out and was pretty satisfied. I’ll stay here for now.

user_avatarWilliam Chavez 18.06.2021

I’d say their terms are above average. Nothing extraordinary, but the company does deserve 4 stars.

user_avatarJames Tucker 27.06.2021

After trying almost all of their account types I chose Gold. I prefer scalping, and for scalping spreads on Gold work the best, in my experience.