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Nordhill Capital a money management fund

Nordhill Capital a money management fund Dwain Ross ★★★★★


Nordhill Capital, a money management fund, offers the same Forex services as ordinary brokers in Poland.



Start year




Riga, Latvia


FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, Switzerland)

To work on Forex, the fund attracts only licensed brokers:

And it chooses for cooperation those banks that were able to prove their reliability.

In discussions of the basic information about the fund, the statements of traders were of a different nature, noting both advantages and disadvantages. The broker received positive reviews for having a serious financial regulator that can give guarantees against a fraud and a scam, as well as working with licensed brokers, who are most likely not scammers. Criticism was caused by the territorial discrepancy between the financial regulator and the place of registration of the fund. In addition, the Forex broker received skeptical reviews, as well as comments - for a relatively short period of work in the market.

Trading conditions


If we draw analogies with the conditions that brokers form for Poland, then the fund offers the following to traders:

The opinion of traders on the conditions of the fund is mixed. The spread level that the broker offers was not bad, the feedback on the size of the leverage was also positive. At the same time, the size of the minimum deposit set for the Forex broker was criticized - the reviews contain statements that the amount is too large.



Quality customer service

The set of options in customer service Nordhill Capital is wider than brokers usually offer for Poland:

Statements by traders that up to the quality of service by the fund are divided. A significant number of authors have earned broker reviews of a positive nature. This also applies to the quality of support work, and other areas of interaction. At the same time, there are clients who are dissatisfied with the quality of service that the Forex broker provides - the feedback from these authors is focused on delays in the operation of the support service. In the latter case, traders criticize too slow a solution to the issues that have arisen and even accuse the fund of being scammers deliberately dragging it. There are practically no comments on investment programs, so it is difficult to evaluate work with clients in this vein.


Quality and settlement procedure

A set of methods for mutual settlements with a broker is narrower than brokers usually offer for Poland:

However, the most stable of the possible methods were chosen.

The opinion of traders about the honesty of mutual settlements is ambiguous, sometimes contradictory. Regarding the crediting of funds, the broker earned reviews exclusively positive. With the conclusion, the situation is more complicated, some authors complain about the delay in transferring funds, there are posts about frauds and scam using requotes for promising transactions. But at the same time, there is evidence of a correct payment policy, which is conducted by the Forex broker - feedback on the completeness and timeliness of payments is quite common. We can say that the judgments were divided with the predominance of positive reviews.



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