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Positive stock markets, Piazza Affari zeros out 2022 losses. Ferrari nervous with bills

Overview of positive stock markets Dwain Ross ★★★★★

On the eve of the ECB, euro zone inflation jumped to 5.1% (higher than expected 4.4%), but European stock markets are not afraid of unexpected movements from the Eurotower and are traveling with decent rises in the middle of the session for the third day in a row. The evolution of the situation in Ukraine also contributes to the fact that - in addition to the declarations of the last few days - diplomacy would be returned to the right track. Milan with FTSE MIB +1.12% is the best in the Old Continent thanks to the banking sector and with today's performance returns the 2022 budget back into balance after the reversals at the end of January.

Also expected are data on the US labor force on Friday and on the OPEC + meeting, which, however, should not see surprises. Wall Street is poised for a positive open with a Nasdaq surge thanks to bills that beat expectations from AMD and Alphabet - both up more than 10% in premarket - which is also poised for a stock split.

USA: -301k private jobs, worst drop since April 2020

Meanwhile, US private sector employment arrived, falling in January, contrary to expectations. The impact of the micron variant of the coronavirus on the economy was greater than expected. According to a monthly report prepared by Macroeconomics Advisers and Automatic Data Processing, the agency that prepares payrolls, 301,000 jobs were lost last month compared to December, while estimates were for 200,000 job creation. This is the first drop since December 2020 and the worst drop since April 2020. In April 2020, there was a collapse of 19.4 million jobs, the worst ever recorded in the report, due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
Milan eliminates losses since the beginning of the year, Saipem in ups and downs

Affari area is on the rise with FTSE MIB +1.12% consolidating over 27k, writing off accumulated losses in 2022. The banking sector is shining, which will benefit from a possible increase in market rates. Run Unicredit (Italy) +4.05%, Intesa Sanpaolo +2.37% pending plan submission on Friday. Solid gains also for Amplifon and Interpump, while Saipem -1.04% is experiencing a day of high volatility after a heavy decline associated with the announcement of the financial maneuver. Weak utilities while Ferrari +0.53% after accounts it gives about half a point. The group provided guidance slightly below estimates, with shares falling to -3% before bouncing back. Across the rest of Orsero's price list, +6.57% post-management gains beat expectations.

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