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Experts from Pediainvest: scam in the Forex market

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The current year has turned out to be a financial loss for many, and a complete financial crisis for some. In such conditions, the search for new opportunities for earning begins. Someone applies for freelance and masters Internet professions, while someone remembers Forex.

In this article, we will not talk about the possibility of earning money through electronic currency trading. If you have certain knowledge and skills, it is quite possible to earn

With the help of Pediainvest experts, we will try to make the scammers powerless.

Let's talk about fraudulent brokers and what to do if the money from the trading account suddenly evaporated somewhere. Yesterday, the account was pleasantly pleased with a tidy sum, and today the number 0 is sadly glowing.

As noticed of analysts of Pediainvest scam brokers will always be present in trading as long as there are two main conditions - inexperienced investors and the Forex market itself. The reason is the largest financial market in the world - forex attracts a huge number of participants, capital and funds. In this regard, it is extremely attractive not only for people and institutions with serious business intentions, but also for participants with bad faith and the goal of taking over traders' money.

Read the entire agreement before opening an account, like you can do it on

Tips from Pediainvest: scam schemes

There are at least three such possibilities:

  1. Problems with software - late response of applications, freezing of the platform, errors and bugs. Under the guise of "random" freezes of the trading terminal, requotes, slippages, broker attempts to close a trader's position at a loss may well be hidden. All this, in the context of rapid changes in the value of an asset, can significantly affect the profitability of trading, therefore, before starting work, you need to thoroughly test the trading terminal on a demo account and, of course, on a cent account, and of course for small amounts on a real one!
  2. Technical support is also very important, and the success of the work largely depends on how honestly and promptly the managers answer the trader's questions.
  3. Attempts to attract more trader's funds - promises of quick earnings, examples of huge profits for masters, etc.

Pediainvest forex broker tips on step by step instructions to keep away from scammers

In order to protect your capital from the scam of an investment project, it is enough to adhere to the diversification of the investment portfolio, closely follow the news of projects, monitor the situation on forums and website (such as and not neglect the investor's golden rules.

Experts from Pediainvest. Scam warning sign: Inability to pass verification

Many brokers cannot withdraw funds without verification. Only here sometimes it is not possible to verify, because more and more new documents are requested from the broker. In fact, no one planned to return the money, and even more so - to give more if the trader made a profit.

Brokerage bonus

When replenishing the account, the trader is offered a "tasty" bonus - for example, doubling the amount on the account. And then it turns out that the bonus is subject to mandatory working out, which requires large volumes of transactions, or, if it is worked out, it is impossible to prove the fact of working out.

When writing this material, we did not find signs that indicate that is a scam.

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user_avatarSingleton Thomas 30.01.2022

It is good that they keep up with the times: Kripto add to the tools, there is MetaTrader 5, the commission is generally at least

user_avatarPoole Tyler 04.02.2022

I trading on forex inside the day. As the main I chose a broker Pediainvest. In principle, there are no reclists, and news spreads expand, as well as from any other broker is normal.

user_avatarSnow Byron 18.02.2022

I was able to open an account within a few minutes. Check did not occupy time; It was also not difficult. Until now, the trading conditions were in order. I did not notice any failures when trading here

user_avatarBarton Bennett 19.02.2022

The MT4 platform works well, and there was no reason for me for anxiety. Tool analysis of indicators and graphs works properly. Basic The reason I left my ex-broker was due to bad indicators and MT4.