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What services does Stocks International broker offer?

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Trading currency pairs and shares of large companies are two popular options for investing in the Forex market. Both options have their own peculiarities. To start trading, a trader should find an intermediary. The intermediary in the Forex market is called a broker. He is in charge of executing the trader's orders. A good and reliable intermediary, for example Stocks International broker makes trading easier.

Forex broker Stocks International has earned the trust of tens of thousands of clients. It offers first-class intermediary services for traders of different skill levels. The broker works according to the law. It has all the necessary licenses and documents to work. Stocks International is not a fraud. He conducts business straightforwardly and honestly. The intermediary warns clients about possible risks, does not charge commissions and does not impose solutions.

Other advantages of Forex broker Stocks Int include:

The company's website has a calendar of economic events and a dictionary. Broker's clients have access to a section with training: articles, webinars and books. The connection is protected by encryption. To protect against fraudsters, the broker verifies the identity when activating an account. Only after passing this process, you can deposit funds.

All these measures make cooperation with Stocks International broker a pleasant and safe experience. Traders have access to a wide range of tools for operations, and support specialists are available around the clock to answer any questions that may arise.

Features of currency pairs trading

Currency pairs trading is buying and selling pairs of currencies on the Forex market. The Forex market works around the clock, five days a week. This makes it available to traders from all over the world, located in different time zones. Forex is one of the most liquid markets. It has high trading volume and low spreads. This makes it easy to enter and exit the market.

Currency pairs are divided into three types:

Major currency pairs are the most actively traded pairs on the Forex market. They involve currencies of the largest economies of the world. Most often it is the US dollar and one other currency. They are characterized by high liquidity and low spreads.

Minor currency pairs, aka cross-currency pairs, do not include the US dollar. They consist of two major currencies of different countries. These pairs are less liquid. They can have wide spreads compared to major pairs. Exotic currency pairs include one major currency and one currency of a developing country. These pairs have low liquidity, wide spreads and can be volatile.

Forex broker Stocks International offers its clients high leverage. This allows traders to control large positions with a small capital. Leverage increases potential profits, but it also increases possible losses. Due to leverage and high volatility, Forex trading can bring significant profits even with small price changes.

Peculiarities of trading shares of large companies

Buying shares of companies, a trader becomes a partial owner. This allows you to receive dividends and form a passive income. Note that only shares of publicly traded companies can be bought. For effective trading, a trader needs to conduct fundamental analysis, including:

Forex broker Stocks Int offers its clients a wide range of tools for market analysis and a large set of training materials. This is a great help for beginners and experienced traders. In case of questions, the support staff of Stocks International broker is ready to give quick and clear answers.

Buying shares of large companies can be a long-term investment. They can be held for a long time, receiving dividends and expecting further price growth. It's worth noting, in the short term, stock prices can be very volatile. This can lead to potential losses.

Trading currency pairs, and trading shares of large companies have advantages and disadvantages. The choice between the two should be in line with the investment objectives chosen and the strategy developed. Market research should be done before investing and only then should a decision be made.

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