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Tax return - an official document for reporting your income

Tax return - an official document for reporting your income Dwain Ross ★★★★★

Tax return - an official document for reporting your income

A tax return means an official document submitted by the taxpayer to the authorized bodies in order to report on their income. Taxable, as well as the availability of possible benefits and discounts, which can help reduce the percentage of taxation. It is drawn up in a special form established by current legislation.


Types. Depending on the chosen form of taxation, as well as on the method of obtaining cash, there are several types of tax returns.



The single imputed income tax is considered a simplified taxation system and involves calculations not from the actual value of the profit, but from the established estimated value. Potential income is determined at the legislative level according to the type of activity carried out.

If a person owns several types of business, each of which is subject to UTII, then the number of declarations must be submitted - one document per area of activity.


Unified agricultural tax

If an individual entrepreneur or legal entity carries out activities for the production, collection and sale of agricultural products, then they can be exempted from a number of financial payments to the tax inspectorate. Their profit is subject to a single agricultural tax, which is 6% of the received "net" income.



Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs engaged in the extraction of minerals are exempt from standard taxation in favor of a tax on mineral extraction. The total amount for each extracted resource is calculated separately.


Excise tax

Paid by the organization or individual entrepreneur subject to the sale of excisable goods. The declaration is submitted monthly. Its form is determined by the variety of goods, for example, for tobacco, alcohol and gasoline, three separate documents have been developed with their own design features.


Water tax

Paid by all persons using ground and / or surface water resources on the basis of a license agreement. This category does not include ordinary citizens who use the corresponding resource for individual purposes.


Land tax

If the organization owns land property, it is obliged to file the appropriate tax return in a timely manner with the appropriate authorities. As a basis for calculating interest, the value of land is taken according to the cadastral passport.


Property tax

It is executed by the organization if on its balance sheet any property is movable or immovable, being in temporary use or in trust, and also added by the founder to the case.


Transport tax

The declaration is drawn up only by legal entities that own vehicles. Individuals and individual entrepreneurs pay it on a common basis.


Personal income tax

Individual income tax return is filed upon receipt of profit from:

• Sales or leases of property;

• Private legal practice;

• Foreign source of income;

• Carrying out business activities on a common basis.


Income tax

The declaration is filed by organizations operating on the basis of a common taxation system. For rent quarterly or monthly, depending on the availability of advance payments. In the absence of profit make a zero return.



The document is drawn up by people who pay value added taxes. Served quarterly, with the exception of customs cases, which are issued upon the actual importation of goods.

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