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4xp Broker

The company is a division of the financial group Forex Place Ltd Dwain Ross ★★★★★

The company is a division of the financial group Forex Place Ltd, offered services on the EU market, like many brokers for Poland. It started operations in 2009 and was known for using ECN and Non Dealing Desk technologies.

At the moment, 4xp is not functioning and does not fulfill its obligations, its license has been canceled.

Financial Regulator - CySec;

The location of the main office is Tortola, British Virgin Islands.


Traders reviews regarding the basic information about 4xp

Negative reviews:

Criticism caused offshore location. Regarding the closure, there are reports of the compulsory nature of this process - the regulator revoked the license due to numerous accusations of fraud and the fact that at first the broker had become quite decent and became a scam.

Positive reviews

The positive reviews left at the beginning of the broker's activity are drowned in a mass of later reports that the company is a scam.


Thus, we can say that the opinion about the company was NEGATIVE.


Terms of cooperation

The working conditions of traders from 4xp were not much different from the package that many brokers offer for Poland:

Instruments - binary options for stocks, currencies, indices, metals and energy;

Commission - yes.

. Accounts provided standard, ecn and binary.

Traders reviews regarding the terms of cooperation 4xp

Negative reviews:

As the company’s activities, there were more and more reports that, as soon as the trader goes into profit, the broker does everything to drain the deposit, regardless of the apparent attractiveness of the conditions;

Positive reviews

Initially, traders evaluated the set of conditions provided by the broker as attractive;

Over time, the opinion of the company leaned clearly in the negative direction.


Deposit and withdrawal of funds

For conducting calculations, a set of tools was used, which brokers usually offer for Poland:

Traders review regarding the terms of cooperation 4xp

Negative reviews:

For a scam when transferring funds, including a divorce with the withdrawal of account balances after a deposit has been discharged;

Positive reviews:

Judging by the change of opinion in the reviews of traders in Poland, the initially stable withdrawal of funds worsened significantly over time;


The final opinion can be called extremely negative.


Customer service

The broker offered his clients a package of services for Forex, not much different from what brokers usually make for Poland:

Traders review regarding the service in the company

Negative reviews

For the bad work of the support service, procrastination and procrastination, which made it clear that the company was a scam;

Positive reviews:

Prior to becoming a scam, the service received positive reviews for the speed of support work;


The opinion prevailing over the years of the company’s work is clearly negative.



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