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Volkswagen is flying into the electric car market

The rapid development of Volkswagen - an overview of growth prospects Dwain Ross

Volkswagen AG is a company founded on May 28, 1937 in Wolfsburg, Germany that manufactures and markets vehicles. It operates through four segments: passenger cars; commercial transport; Energy and financial services. The brand portfolio includes Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, SKODA, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ducati, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Scania and MAN. Since April 2018 Hans Dieter Poetsch and CEO of the company.

Here are the reasons why Volkswagen is flying in the electric car market

Volkswagen plans to deliver more than 450,000 electrified vehicles this year, more than double the amount from the previous year.

VOWG shares are up 113 percent from six months earlier.

The company said it estimates future investment in electrification and digitalization at 16 billion euros by 2025. Volkswagen is preparing to introduce a new operating division in the United States, "Voltswagen of America", dedicated exclusively to its electric vehicles.

The German company intends to activate 18,000 public fast-charging points in Europe by 2025 at a cost of around 400 million euros.German car house on the rise

Volkswagen, the world's second-largest automotive group, has taken off this year and investors have welcomed the company's plans to switch to electric vehicles.

The German company should also focus on batteries. After the first two battery plants, the first in Sweden and the second in Germany, by 2030 Volkswagen plans to open 4 more plants in Europe.

Volkswagen shares have been showing record results on the stock exchange for some time now.

If the noise is worth +28%, gained last week, then VOWG shares are worth 56% more compared to a month ago, in a quarterly comparison it shows +80%, and the balance for 12 months fixes +179%. Volkswagen historical performance - 5 years

Volkswagen flies to the market

The value of Volkswagen AG shares has changed to 157% compared to five years earlier. Over the past month, the share price of Volkswagen AG has changed by +40.62%. The change in the price of VOWG shares in the last quarter was +87.21%. Last year and in the last 3 years, Volkswagen AG share prices have changed to +137.88% and +86.42% respectively.

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