The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that's changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks

To buy or not to buy - that is the question

To buy or not to buy - that is the question Dwain Ross ★★★★★

Sometimes you look at the market and understand: Few, and not just a little, but very little, even though you are already in a deal and it is profitable. And greed is bad, BUT NOT TO USE THE OPPORTUNITY THIS MEANS NOT TO USE THE POTENTIAL OF THE MARKET.

Today I will tell you a little about how to increase the volume in the process of trading, when you are already in a trade and it gives a plus.


  1. Is it worth it or not?
  2. How to protect yourself from unnecessary risks?
  3. When to enter?
  4. How to get the most out of it?

First: SURE IT'S WORTH IT. The principle here is like in football: if you don't score, they score for you. If you don't earn, then you lose. The market must be used and the market must be traded; there are simply no other options for achieving success.

Second: One of the basic rules of trading: earn and not lose. And in order not to miss the opportunity to earn even more, the main thing is to wisely approach safety and protection from losses. When you already have a profit on a previously opened position, consider it as an airbag and, entering with additional volume, set a stop loss on both trades so that the result, if executed, is slightly more than 0, the so-called breakeven.

Third: Entry with additional volume is working with a trading signal, as in the standard case. If your strategy for the continuation of the movement gives an additional signal for strengthening, do not hesitate - trade. Believe in your strategy and make money. Separately, there are strategies that are designed to trade in a trend and give signals to continue the movement. You can contact the company's experts and they will tell you and show you the most effective of them.

Fourth: To get the most, it is important to be able to make a profit and give it the opportunity to grow. It is better to set your take profit based on reversal signals, and not just by the number of points that you consider sufficient.
Here are some tips that will help you achieve success in what brings me not only earnings, but also great pleasure. We wish you luck!



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