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TrendsTurbo scam check advice: Top popular internet scam schemes in 2021

TrendsTurbo scam check | scam broker? Dwain Ross ★★★★★

Every year, scam schemes become more sophisticated, and it becomes more and more difficult to identify them. New technologies only play into the hands of criminals. And the most unpleasant thing is that the victim gives money to the scammers, without even thinking about the consequences. TrendsTurbo forex broker experts analyzed the top scam schemes on the web that will be popular in 2021.

TrendsTurbo scam check: Ad platforms

This is not a new fraudulent scheme, but it is now actively gaining momentum, so anyone can fall for the bait of a swindler. Cybercriminals mainly hunt on ad sites, and it is extremely difficult to identify them. The whole process can be decomposed into stages:

An attacker selects a certain valuable item on an ad site. It can be expensive equipment, jewellery, luxury cosmetics, etc.

After that, the swindler calls the seller with the intention of buying. Finds out the bank card number and other details for transferring money.

Next, the offender creates a copy of the ad with the thing he wants to get and waits for naive buyers. When an unsuspecting customer asks for payment details, the fraudster gives the merchant's real bank details.

The deceived buyer transfers the amount of money to the seller's card, and the attacker, posing as a client, takes the thing. As a result, the swindler has an expensive product on his hands, and the buyer has a huge minus on the account.

As for Forex, that scheme works for buying of a premium courses and large signal packages which are quite expensive.

TrendsTurbo scam detection advice: in order not to get caught in the network of such scammers, always check the payment details independently and see if there are any other services with such an offer online.

TrendsTurbo scam check: Social networks

Social networks open up unlimited opportunities for scammers: from pseudo-charity to treat non-existent people with non-existent diagnoses to outright scam with contributions.

But in 2020, a new fraudulent scheme was detected by experts - a free loan. Be careful if an unknown "banker" knocks on your friend's door and offers a loan in a European bank at 2-5% per annum. Moreover, the higher the loan amount, the lower the percentage. The fraudster will convince you that this is the ideal option for buying an apartment, car or another expensive item.

To complete the contract, you will be asked for the card number and CVV number to transfer the amount immediately to the account. And this is where the most interesting thing begins: as soon as the attacker receives your bank data, he will immediately disappear, taking all the funds in the account.

As for Forex, fraudsters will act as a company employees and will try to get access to your account, pretending that you’ve got a special offer from the company. scam detection reminder: even the employees of the bank in which the card is opened cannot demand a CVV code from you. This is the only key to protect your bank account from fraud. Therefore, if some banker, broker, philanthropist asks you to name the CVV code, you should know that it is a scam! Remember: broker employees will never ask you about your bank details – you deposit money to your account yourself.

TrendsTurbo scam check: Messengers

In 2020, fraudulent schemes in messengers were popular, and you need to know in advance how to identify scammers. The most common cheating method is fake profiles of well-known online brokers or stores. The scheme is simple: attackers create a fake online store account and send you information about huge discounts and sales, or about best trading offers and packages.

As a rule, one of the main conditions for purchasing goods at a reduced price is card payment. Thus, you get rid of taxes and save 20% of the cost of the goods. The offer is more than profitable, isn't it? Naive buyers, inspired by the prospect of a pleasant freebie, transfer thousands of money to the scammers' card.

Talking about brokers, this scheme works this way: some new contact person of your brokers asks you if you want to open additional account, with no taxes or fees, if you manage to send money to the direct card. Everything else stays the same: fraudsters disappear, you get nothing. scam detection reminder:

TrendsTurbo scam check: what is similar in all those cases?

Attackers always act according to the following scheme: you get some invitation to some event, or offer, or club of interests, or something like that, from a person that can’t provide you with any details of deal. No website, no phone number, no address, in most cases even no email. You have only one channel of communication, no any login or password to any system, just empty promises. scam detection reminder: So, if you do not want to become a victim of scammers, follow these simple rules:

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Comments (31)
user_avatarThomas 06.05.2021

I by no means concept that I would say this, however I'm not the fine-ever trader, and only thanks to high-quality platform and help of proper tools I assume I can achieve this. Please don’t take me as partial to introspection, it is just that the day gone by my deal become closed with income handiest because of the 'take earnings' degree. And I would love to thank the human beings who've been operating and helping me for five months now. You are a tremendous crew and I am glad that I signed up back then.

user_avatarOliver 09.05.2021

It's great to feel that I've joined right company. I have 1.5 pips spread for EURAUD and USDCAD and that's best conditions that I've seen since March when my previous company closed.

user_avatarClaude 22.05.2021

Will recommend, for my account manager is first person ever who cared to explain me how to use weekly and monthly charts for analysis

user_avatarHenry 28.05.2021

Withdrew €300 last month. Well not bad at all. If you’re looking for trading and earning - you’re in a right place.

user_avatarTodd Graham 03.06.2021

My only problem with this platform is long wait for withdrawal at times (I once waited for 12 hours). I've been trading here for 3 months and' earned something like 60% of my deposit.

user_avatarJason Barnett 16.06.2021

I wouldn't consider myself a professional trader, I made a few mistakes in the beginning and I still make them sometimes. So I'd like to thank support team for helping me to make sense of everything. Without them I'd quit a long time ago.

user_avatarBrian Sanchez 23.06.2021

I was fired when the lockdown started, so I withdrew all my money. And now I miss trading so much, gonna return after everything stabilizes.

user_avatarMurphy Mark 10.07.2021

I am writing hot on the trail. Two days ago I opened an account in TrendsTurbo. Listen, it's for the first time, that there are no usual song and dance. I threw in three hundred at once and trade opened automatically. In conditions there is a leverage of 1: 300, and no matter what your acc, at least vip, even the base one. Spreads are also the same, both there and there, static and rather low. There is something to compare, and I saw higher. Excellent, that there is no commission for withdrawal. Until I tested it, it's clear that you need to wait for the first profit first. There is no commission for input too, and they consider the current rate of the bank at the moment. Platform Meta Trader 4 on the base package gives not a lot of tools, as I already figured out, but for starters it is quite good. Already managed to communicate twice with support, tested them)). The first time I got through at once, and in the second for the experiment I put on a dial-up and the tube was uped somewhere about in a minute.

user_avatarLogan Robert 10.07.2021

There is a great working experience with BCS Broker, I was satisfied with almost everything there. But then all of a sudden some not so much necessary options and were added paid functions, which are provided in decent companies for free. For example, everyone was forced into the use of SMS-informing service. I calculated that the profit decreased against the background of constant infusions. I've gave up, read reviews and went to TrendsTurbo, and still no complaints. Tech assist pleases, I usually dial up from the first time. Consultants are thoughtful and it feels that they are experienced, of the loop, always advise on the case. The functionality itself is not as advanced as I would like, but on the other hand there are low spreads and an operative output to a card or wallet.

user_avatarBarnett Colin 14.07.2021

It became uncomfortable to work with Forex Finance, they began to inflate the spreads and I had to look for a new broker. Was told to try TrendsTurbo. Although a young broker, but it seemed to had a chance to prove themselves. Reputation is still gaining, but reviews are positive mostly. Yes, the spreads are actually encouraging, static, do not jump in the stormy days. And in general, they are not high. Still it is pleasant, that there is no commission for input-output. Plus, you can fill your hand at work with the cryptocurrency, there is such an opportunity. At the very beginning, only one thing that bothered me, they work with one platform, and I have no experience with Meta Trader. While I was thinking it up, until I've dealt with it, I spent some time anyway. There is a lack of terminals' choice, I mean it.

user_avatarNelson Stuart 20.07.2021

Well, what can I say. I have not experienced much yet, I opened the account at TrendsTurbo only three weeks ago. Okay, I got out of the minus and made the first withdrawal. Only 20 bucks, but they are mine, in addition, I did it quickly, in only half an hour. Excellent, that there is no commission for the withdrawal, there is only a bank fee. I can not say that I became a specialist, but I am quite satisfied with the work with the broker. Let's see how it will be. Transactions open very quickly, close in 2-3 seconds, maybe faster. Here everything depends on the volatility. Norm spreads, static. Compare, of course, here is lower than many brokers from the top. But what was uncomfortable, there are no training webinars and micro accounts. Although on reall money you will learn how to work faster than with demos.

user_avatarJenkins David 21.07.2021

It's all clear. Register on TrendsTurbo, put the Meta Trader terminal 4, throw the amount and load the documents. I poured three hundred bucks to start. Trade started automatically, and then the manager called to clarify what to do. The speed is excellent, I checked everything in one week, tested it. Orders fly, there's a couple of seconds here, well, maybe in the gap, the efficiency drops to five seven seconds. I still not risk to scalp, I do not have much experience, but in the mid-term trading it is normal. There is no commission for withdrawing, and to input too. When you withdraw funds to the card, only the bank interest goes and that's it.

user_avatarRoberts Michael 22.07.2021

I've been working with TrendsTurbo for about a year. There is a lot to talk over. Orders are executed quickly, almost instantly, but it happens that they might slow down while the volatility. Do not had requotes, to be honest, there were no great problems with the system at all. Spreads are low, static, not jump dashingly into the storm. With the withdrawal there are no snags at all. You only must be verified before this. I firstly wanted simply to withdraw, and then with the help of support I was looking for my money. By the way, support has never failed.

user_avatarGregory Joseph 12.08.2021

I was changing the broker. Decided to register at БКС. You will laugh, but I have not mastered even this step. So much straining on level ground, scans to collect, documents to assure, I spat and did not continue. Saw a review on the forum about the simplicity of opening an account with the new broker Trendsturbo and went there. Well, as new, it has been on the market for a couple of years. It’s just not very well known, although the reviews are generally positive. So, here I was registered in two minutes, deposite three hundred dollars, loaded the docks and immediately started trading. I was digging a bit with the MetaTrader 4 terminal, but there it was simple just to download and install it. What I like, MT has its own mobile application. You can put it on a tablet and smart, work without being tied to a place, on the road, convenient. Trading conditions suit me. Well, here are static spreads, no commission for input and output. It is clear that here you will also have to tinker with the paper a little. But this is necessary only at the first withdrawal, when you have been traiding for a long time and fully accustomed, and not at the very beginning, even before the start of trading.

user_avatarFields Brian 15.08.2021

I was looking for a broker with low spreads, good analytics, adequate support and threshold available for budget. I would also like a stable connection, fast ordering and a reliable terminal. It seems that the choice on the market is big, but in the end I settled on the little-known company Trendsturbo. At first I was embarrassed by the youth of the broker, it seems working for two years only. And then I thought that two years is enough time for practical experience, but why is so little known about the broker? I read feedbacks, and didn't find anything criminal. Opened the account after all, since my requirements coincided with the broker's capabilities. I've been trading for a month now. MetaTrader 4 platform is a very stable system, the profit is still small, but I withdrew once already. There was no commission, I passed the account verification and in an hour the money fell to the card. The impression is still favorable.

user_avatarRamsey Melvin 16.08.2021

Here, everyone praises the MetaTrader 4 platform. But she strained me very much the first time. I started at Trendsturbo broker from scratch with no experience, a friend called for a company. I understand, of course, that this platform is mega powerful and reliable, but for a beginner this is really the rocket science. I almost turned gray until I figured it out. Even with this manual, which everyone gives there. It is good that there are no complaints about the other parameters. Everything is OK: spreads, tech support, all trading conditions in general. The withdrawal is simple and fast. The first bid was processed about an hour, and within another hour the money came to the card.

user_avatarGriffin George 19.08.2021

A month ago, I moved to Trendsturbo. Started at a basic level. Now I think to go up to the next one. Basically, at the start, I wanted to test the functionality of the entire system. Specifically interested in the speed of orders execution, what's with the requotes and slippage, how managers behave behind my back, and so on. Nothing out of the ordinary happened during this time, pleased with all. Everything works harmoniously, clearly. There was one drawdown on the phone, but this is not a claim to the broker, that’s for sure)) It’s time to update the model. Whatever one may say, MetaTrader pulls RAM pretty big.

user_avatarPreston Bryce 28.08.2021

I joined Trendsturbo after the summer. Meta Trader 4 is trading platform with a bunch of convenient settings. Very simple and quick registration. Credit the account, and you can start trading. Money is introduced at the current bank rate not charged any commission. I usually work from a computer at home, but I often have to drive, so I always have a tablet on the road with me. Mobile application is put in a couple of minutes. The difficulty came out where they did not expect, I had to cheat the MacBook a little and put MT on the emulator. Well, that works without glitchs, not buggy and does not hang. The ordering is quick, as well as the withdrawal, also without a commission, by the way. You need to go through verification before the first withdrawal, so be prepared to work out a little bit of paper))) In short, I like everything here so far and recommend it to everyone. Especially if you like to scalp, here are just comfortable conditions for this.

user_avatarStokes Ethan 30.08.2021

Trade with Trendsturbo for two months, but in general I have been in business for a couple of years now. (For me, it's like a hobby.) Adequate broker with low static spreads, good analytics and very sensible support. There was such a moment, I was driving in the car and did not notice how the phone was dead. Part of the operations remained unclosed and I planned to finish something else in the terminal. I put the smart on recharging, stopped the car and quickly called back to support. The managers suggested what to do first of all, in order not to fall unexpectedly into losses. Hopefully, over time, additional channels of communication and online support chat will appear.

user_avatarCarson Jack 02.09.2021

I have been earning money in the market for several years. At first I was even satisfied with a few dollars profit less investments. Today it is important to me to meet deposits and to achieve profits that would be sufficient for a normal life. Passive income of a few dollars is not for me. This service still deserves money. There are only questions at the time of profit acceptance. However, this can be solved by customer service support.

user_avatarWhitehead Brice 07.09.2021

If you want to earn from the beginning, you are here. The risks are not that big. But do you know from which market you want to benefit? There are laws here. It will not be a fraud with this service. That's the main thing.

user_avatarOwens Oliver 07.09.2021

Have you come here to become a millionaire? I have heard such stories often. People come immediately to crack a big jackpot. Do not expect it. Brokers also understand that there is no guarantee during a pandemic that the market does not give up. Everyone is on the nerves. The commissions grow. A large jackpot is impossible in such times. But you can try it of course. But I would not advise beginners to rely on the profit immediately. However, they have time to learn the foundations of trade, find out the risks and start developing their strategy.

user_avatarWest August 09.09.2021

In this market, you must understand that the commission is directly related to risks. This service has normal commissions and at the same time low spreads. In the days of the coronavirus hysteria, this is hardly available at another location. Invest with consideration.

user_avatarGallagher Robert 23.09.2021

I am a beginner. I do not know if promise can be trusted. Does the trade help to survive me? I have a small publishing company. I am sure that I will not close it, even though my company is constantly attacked due to locks. It is scary to invest even small amounts in the trade. But it seems that there is no choice and you need to look for new ways to make money in this new world.

user_avatarGrant Clyde 30.09.2021

Okay, universe, now I rely fully on my intuition and support! If it is no joke, then I already started earning. I do not believe in fantastic profits, but I believe the trade brings a stable income if you do not play the fools and do not succumb to the crowd.

user_avatarNorton John 12.10.2021

Wow, what an attentive attitude towards Neullingen here! You have a demo account and tools for good trade from the beginning. And to teach fundamental strategic steps. This means to achieve customer success.

user_avatarWilkins Aubrey 15.10.2021

Are those who have just registered? I did it today. I want to understand how beginners feel here, whereupon it is better to pay attention from the beginning. And what problems can occur with the service, if at all.

user_avatarRodgers Christopher 16.10.2021

This broker uses a good way to attract customers: he offers short contracts as well as great opportunities, even for demo accounts. At the same time, the functionality is very developed and experienced traders have something to learn about this trading platform.

user_avatarMcGee Williamя 16.10.2021

What concerns me a large selection of currencies for the trade. All necessary strategies can be implemented. Who complains about incomprehensible functions - write to the support, he will answer them today!

user_avatarBlake Kristopher 17.10.2021

I just needed about six hours to get the first tranche of my money. It was 2 hours ago. What can I say? It seems to be the fastest broker.

user_avatarNicholson Joseph 18.10.2021

I decided for a short contract without hurrying to build a serious relationship, Haha. I will see if this broker brings me a profit. I am always careful, especially in these times when the foreign exchange market is suffering from Covid.