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What is the simplest forex trading system in my opinion?

What is the simplest forex trading system in my opinion? Dwain Ross

What is the simplest forex trading system in my opinion?

I would like to note that there are no simple trading strategies as such. There are trading systems that do not carry too much unnecessary information and it is easier for traders to use it. But without a foundation, that is, a “base” of knowledge, this trading system becomes complex. Therefore, it is better to first study most market terms for a better understanding of strategy algorithms, otherwise the main thing can be missed.


The strategy that I want to discuss, and it has a share of easy understanding, this trade on the "hype". What is market hype? This is when a strong interest rises to a certain product, metal and raw material and this interest, of course, is fueled by the news! But the news, of course, is an insidious thing, but not always. The main thing is to catch the time interval and the profitability will be 99%. What is this interval?


You can now plunge into recent history with the fact that Russian President Putin began to increase the share of the country's gold reserves. Later, European newspapers began to publish articles on increasing gold reserves in China and Latin America. This was our “rush” moment! How to act? One purchase deal had to be opened with a profit of 70 points on gold during the first news, and the second to open without a profit! As soon as the price closed the first trade on profit, the second had to be transferred to breakeven and sit. As soon as the following news begins that gold is growing strongly, we should already exit the deal. Why? Since news on this topic in 50% of cases collects a "crowd" (newcomers) for a deep correction. And you can see a deep spire thrown to level 23 Fibo correction, or even breaking through 0 Fibo grid. Clear news with clearly dictated words “oil” is growing rapidly or “gold” is falling rapidly, always gathering a “crowd” for correction or reversal. At this point, we should not be in the market (transaction).


Therefore, if you learn to see the first wave of news and the second, you will always be in the pros. But when you hear distinct and intrusive news about the growth of raw materials or currency, know that only those with large deposits will be able to withstand a drawdown in this situation. The price after this news may go up, but you also need to wait for a profitable correction. But here is 50/50.


Now if you hear on the news that America is increasing oil production, you can immediately sell and take a small profit. But when the wave of news begins, that oil is falling very rapidly, then at this moment remember that you can merge into corrections. This news gathers a crowd. If you still want to enter, then go to level 38 or 23 of the Fibo. Or you can set the delayer below zero and if there is a spread of stops, then it will take you at the best prices.


When working on the news, separate the "hype" from the "Marketmaker bait" and thus you can earn with a high degree of probability. The mechanism is simple, but you need to use the fastest news sites: For example, Euronews or American econ. channels. On such channels, you can change the language to Russian and learning English will be optional.

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