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Broker WIT Ltd

World of Investment Technologies (WIT) Dwain Ross ★★★★★

World of Investment Technologies (WIT) is a company professionally implementing investment solutions, including Forex services that brokers usually offer for Poland. It was founded by traders from the USA in 2014.

Terms of cooperation provided by broker

The basic conditions of cooperation, regardless of the selected type of client account, are the following:

  1. Maximum order volume is 100;
  2. Minimum Lot:
  1. Margin Call Level - 20%;
  2. Stop Out Level - 10%;

Feedback for the basic conditions of cooperation and the reliability criteria of the company

Reviews on the network note the lack of complete information about the external regulation of the company and the short period of its existence, which causes commentators to think of a scam. Some claim that this is a fraud and scammers. However, quite a few are satisfied with the conditions and report that they have been working successfully for some time.

As a result - NEUTRAL review

  1. Spread type - Market Execution *.* It should be noted that about market execution of orders - the method is faster, but less accurate than accurate execution. Some brokers use both, some choose their preferred clients, but this does not mean that they are scammers. If you analyze the reviews, you will see that the pros-traders prefer market execution, and newcomers prefer accurate.


Types of Client Accounts

WTI has a fairly wide range of accounts, typical of cooperation offers that brokers make for Poland:


In addition, Gold and VIP accounts include accruals on the balance of up to 12% and 15-17%, and for the VIP account - a personal manager.


Feedback for the given choice of a trading account

Customers are satisfied with the set of Forex accounts. The amount of leverage and spread is satisfactory, there are no complaints about fraud and scam.

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Deposit and withdrawal of funds


To deposit funds, absolutely everything that brokers usually use for Poland offered:

To withdraw funds from Forex:

Feedback for the features of depositing and withdrawing funds

There are reviews of traders that the funds transferred are not credited or there are problems with their withdrawal. There are allegations of overt fraud. Some users deny the existence of problems.

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Customer service

Broker provides clients with:


Reviews for the Customer service

Traders like a wide range of bonuses, as for Poland, and access to training materials. However, there were allegations of scam when receiving prizes, and the support service was accused of rudeness in communicating.

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Trading platform

Clients are provided with MetaTrader4, a popular and reliable trading terminal that is often recommended by brokers. It is equipped with modern wide functionality and an impressive analytical instruments.

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