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Is broker TrustsCapital operating legally?

TrustsCapital: Legal broker? Dwain Ross ★★★★★

Fraudsters are not dormant. Every day they become more brazen and inventive. They introduce new schemes, steal other people's documents and websites, launch aggressive advertising. In general, they do everything possible to swindle as much as possible other people's money. Most often they lure you with promises of large payouts, quick earnings, omitting possible risks. But, there are still normal companies that can be trusted and it is to the number of such is TrustsCapital. This is a licensed service that has a full set of permits, as well as an official website. It is controlled by regulators, so it never violates the current standards and norms of the market. The platform is convenient, modern, with several types of accounts. Here you can find a variety of tools for trading, and in the choice of strategy no one restricts. TrustsCapital is not a scam. Money is paid out to everyone, there are positive reviews indicating the reliability of the company, as well as round-the-clock support service. Everything is honest, transparent, without hidden conditions. Documents on confirming legality are freely available and you can read them at any convenient time.

How to recognize scammers?

The first thing you should pay attention to is the quality of the website. Unscrupulous brokers do not always have an official website, so you can find third-party advertising, links to dubious terminals, etc. on it. Filled in sections and lack of contact information are also striking to the eye. Fraudsters are not too concerned about the safety of customers, so they do not use special encryption and do not offer to set two-factor authentication. Also, they do not perform verification, do not confirm financial stability, do not respond to traders' appeals. Most often they hide documents or provide fake ones. It is clear that the results of audits are not published anywhere, as no one simply does not conduct such audits. Scammers also like to be the first to initiate contact. Even if a person has never been interested in the stock market, they will still try to impose services just to lure away funds. They behave aggressively, impudently and unprofessionally. They can call at any time, several times a day. This is another indication of a bad broker:

TrustsCapital no scam as it is regularly audited, thus confirming its financial stability. Payouts come all, and the conditions are as transparent as possible. Clients' funds are kept on separate accounts, and the security of their data is treated very carefully, using an advanced encryption system for protection.

What can you read in the reviews about the broker's work?

TrustsCapital is legit and has a good reputation. It did not get into scandals, money was not delayed, and everyone received payments. This approach is impressed by traders and that is why they write a lot of good things about cooperation with the company. Most of the positive reviews are on Trustpilot and Sitejabber, as well as on other no less authoritative sites. Here is what the positive reviews are dedicated to: 

The broker is praised for its honesty, as well as quality execution of orders.

Features of broker's TrustsCapital work

The company provides detailed information on trading conditions, doesn't restrict the use of strategies, and daily provides news and analytics. The service is reliably protected from fraud, as suspicious activity is regularly monitored, and modern encryption is used to protect data. It operates based on valid licenses. Here's what else you can expect:

TrustsCapital is not just another scam. It's a company with a good reputation and a million satisfied customers. There's no pressure, unclear fines, or restrictions here. As long as you don't violate the existing trading rules, you'll never have any problems with the broker.

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